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  1. Default Planning a LONG road trip! help!

    Hey guys! I live in Ottawa (Ontario, Canada), I'm 20 years old and I'm planning quite the long road trip there. I what to leave and travel around with my car for around 6 to 8 months!

    What I would like to do is start from Ottawa and my first destination would be to reach California and stay there for a while.

    After I would like to go down to Baga California (Mexic). Now at this place I would like to stay for around 2 months. Now is there any camp grounds where I would be able to camp for really cheap... or what would be the alternative so I have a place to sleep at night?

    From there I what to reach Louisianne stay there for a while go down in florida.... back to north Carolina...... to Virginia Beach and Final destination would be New York City.

    Now I know this could be really expensive and that's why I'm asking you guys if there is any way I can work as a tourist in the united state legally! So I can survive during that hole trip.

    My plan would be to travel from one destination to a other live there a bit while working for a few week and the leave for the next destination. What would be my alternative for this.

    Thanks a lot for your help guys!
    This is one of my biggest dream.... to just get on the road and visit all I can!


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    Default Not That Easy

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    As you're probably aware from the coverage of the current U.S. election cycle, foreign workers in America is a hot button issue at the moment. Many states, cities and other government entities are passing very strict laws regarding the hiring of illegal aliens, so you are going to have to make every effort to remain within the law. The most often used work visa programs are the H1B, but that is typically for highly skilled professionals who will be employed at a permanent position for several years, and the H2B for seasonal non-agricultural workers such as resort staff. I actually don't know of any visa program that will allow the kind of occasional work that you are envisioning. Since you're in Ottawa, I would strongly suggest that you contact the U.S. Embassy and see what they recommend, but truthfully, I think that you're going to have a hard time doing what you hope to do without breaking several laws.

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    Default agreed

    I agree with Buck that the legal system will be your biggest hurdle to this trip.

    You will not be allowed to work in the US without the proper paperwork, and I don't forsee you qualifying under your current situation. If you try to work, and get caught, you will get a one way ticket home and could likely lose your privledge to ever return to the US.

    Additionally, you could quite easily have difficulty being allowed across the border. When you attempt to enter the US, you will have to prove that you are able to support yourself for the duration of your trip. In other words, if you even appear like you might trying to find work in the US, you might simply not be allowed into the US.

    If you really want to travel throughout north america for several months, I think you're going to have to save up before you go.

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    Default Yes, this is a serious issue

    My great uncle, back in the 20's, moved here and became very ill. Because he didn't want to be a burden on his brother, my grandpa, he snook away on a day he felt a bit better and turned himself in to be deported back to Europe. He thought he didn't have long to live and wanted to see his family again before dying. However, he lived a long life and, until he died in the 80's, he was never able to return to the US as a tourist because of this. They have long memories. Don't chance it.

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