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  1. Default April Eastern Seaboard trip

    We are travelling from Australia to meet up with my Sister and Brother in Va and SC
    Trip starting Washington DC finishing Tampa Fl.
    We have 10 days to make our way to Tampa and would love some ideas on roads,sights, accommodation etc from those with local knowledge!
    Want to see some Civil war sites while in Va,NC but iopen to any ideas you may have,
    My wife and I are both well travelled but not so much in the US.
    Any ideas would be appreciated
    Marty Maunsell

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    Default Great Time to Travel That Area

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Actually, two of the best(?) Civil War sites are within easy day trips from Washington. These are Gettysburg and Antietem. As for other great sites along the eastern seaboard and Appalachian mountain range, check the links in this post.


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