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    Default Boston to Florida April Road Trip

    My husband and I are driving to Marco Island in April. We are newly retired, and this will be our longest road trip to date. We very compatible and we are looking forward to the trip. Does anyone has any suggestions as to worthwhile stops on our way down and back. Do we need to make hotel reservations or will it be okay to play that by ear. Are there any roads which we should avoid. Any input will be appreciated.

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    I would say avoid I-95, but that's rather difficult because I-95 is the most direct route to Florida from Boston. I always dread getting out of the northeast going through New York, New Jersey, metro Philly, Baltimore, and Washington, DC. I've made the drive over night several times just to avoid traffic, and while over-nights work that way, you have to be a night driver and comfortable with it.

    It's been a while since I have driven to Florida (5 years) and I didn't do much stopping along the way, so I don't have a lot to suggest to you. I just wanted to give you my 2 cents on the stuff above.

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    Default I-95 gets a bad rap

    Actually, I really enjoy I-95 -- not because I love the traffic glitches you will surely find enroute, but because of the access that this highway provides to some highly scenic and unusual locations. One of the best ways to find these hidden gems is to read the "Along I-95" guidebook. My review of this year's edition is <a href="">online here<a/>.

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