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    So in a couple of weeks, I am planning to drive from Birmingham, AL, to Asheville, NC. From what I see, I have two options - over to Atlanta and north, or north to Chattanooga and then Knoxville and over.

    Does anyone know if the mountains between Knoxville and Asheville are easy to drive on (compared to other mountains)? I'd rather drive this route than drive through Atlanta if feasible. I know part of the interstate is closed over there and so it is around 2 or so hours longer going to Knoxville and over.

    Just trying this site out and wanted to see if anyone had an opinion or two for me.

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    Default the closure

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You are right that I-40 is closed on the route you'd prefer to go, which is a problem. The detour is very much a mountainous route that's going to take quite a bit of extra time, plus when you throw in the fact that its likely going to be seeing extra traffic because the Interstate is closed, i would really avoid that route.

    Another route I might look at is going up to Chattanooga and then take US-74 across to Asheville. I haven't taken this route myself, so i can't vouch for it, but as a way to avoid Atlanta, its what I would look at doing.

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