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    We are wondering if map software exists that would allow us to keep track of our road trips. Here is what we would like to see: a detailed road map of each state individually and an entire US map. We would like to be able to keep track of our trips on the map by highlighting the roads we take. Then each stop-over or destination would be clickable and would link to our digital photos from that particular location. Has anybody heard of such a program?

    Thanks for your input.

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    Default It exists, but is a bit clunky

    Quote Originally Posted by fastwn View Post
    Has anybody heard of such a program?

    We've experimented with such an application -- Image maps have been around for about 12 years -- The folks at MyTripJournal have a mapping application that does much of that.

    And Roadside America has a very cool mapping application for routing to their roadside Americana locations -- but the reason you'll be unlikely to find such a 100% configurable application that you could use for your personal use -- is the extraordinarily high cost of creating and updating the scripts to keep the mapping data current.

    About a dozen firms have applications that could do most of that for you -- but none of them are free to consumers....


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    Thanks very much Mark! I glanced briefly at My Trip Journal and I will look it over in detail tonight. We don't mind paying for the software if it will do what we want it to do. If you wouldn't mind letting me know a couple more names of applications to check out, I would appreciate it!

    Thanks again.

    Happy motoring!

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    Microsoft Streets & Trips 2010 does all for you. 60 day free trial

    And here's some more options
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    Our roadtrip team is going to buy Microsoft Street and Trips 2010, so we can use it, while we do not have internet access.

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