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    My question is twofold... I'm leaving Sunday for a two week trek through the Southwest in a rented RV. I recently purchase the Delorme Streets Atlas 2007 and I'm pretty disappointed with it. It's interface is somewhat clunky and doesn't do near as good a job navigating as Google Earth. My question... anyone know of any software that allows you to 'draw' your route calculating milage and travel time. Some points I'd like to travel to are not a designated town. It's 2007 and it doesn't seem that current mapping software has made any strides since MapQuest 10 years ago.

    Secondly... I'm looking to invest in an affordable GPS travel Mate. Tom Tom, Garmin or Magellen. I don't want to spend more than $300. I'd like to take it with me in the renbtal then use it at home with my car?

    Any opinions?

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    Default paper maps?

    I think you'll find that most of us here like the various on-line sites and programs to do travel-planning. MS S&T seems to be the most used of the programs. However, I think most of us agree that, while on the road, nothing yet beats paper maps.

    Here are some reviews of the various paper maps and electronic mapping options out there.

    Another option you might consider is something like VZ-Navigator via your cellphone. At least that's what Verizon calls it. Other phone plans might have it with a different name. This is basically like a Tom-Tom, etc. on your cellphone. I think it's about $15/month or $1.99/day. You don't need to have a long-term contract with the plan. So you could get it for just the time-frame you're traveling. I've used it 2-3 times when I've been really turned around in a city while trying to find a particular place using the daily fee option. It worked fine. Just a thought.


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