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    Hi there! Really could use some help with this. You see, I'm Brazilian and know nothing about road trips throughout the USA and I was thinking about driving around the californian coast, from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The thing is, I have NO idea on how much that would cost me (meals, hotels, car rental, gas etc). Did anyone do that route before? Can anyone give me a light on what to do, where to go and share experiences? Thank you so much!!!


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    A very rough rule of thumb is $100 per day for a roadtrip, but there are so many variables that even that doesn't do a great job of telling the whole story. The reality is that it comes down to a whole number of factors, including what you'll be driving, what sorts of places you want to stay in, what you plan to do for food, and of course the length of time you plan to be on the road.

    As far as the route itself, there are several thousand posts and threads already on this forum about trips along the California coast. If you need help starting out, I would highly recommend you simply take some time browsing and using the forum's search functions to see the many other ideas that people have already shared.

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    Michael, thank you so much! I'll take your advice and browse this forum for info on this route. I do have a question though: I have 2 - 3 weeks to spare. How long does this route usually take? Do you have any other suggestions? I thought about driving to Vegas but like I said before, I know nothing of the US! Suggestions would be much welcome! What I want the most is sightseeing and attractions....just drive, relax and see beautiful things!

    Thanks again!!!

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    LA to SF can be done in as little as 6-7 hours, if you just stick to the freeway. If you're going up the coast, you'd want at least 2-3 days, but you could certainly spend more.

    With 2-3 weeks, including a trip to Vegas, including Yosemite, Sequoia, and/or Death Valley are all quite possible. Again, there's lots of information here, so spend some time looking around and you'll find a ton of things to get you started.

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