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  1. Default New York - San Francisco - Los Angeles: It's possible!!

    Hi roadtrippers,

    A few months ago I was asking for advice in this same forum because we were planning to do a roadtrip from New York to Los Angeles-San Francisco in August. Well, I'm writing again because we finally did it and we want to give you some feedback with specific numbers (miles, money spent in hotels, gasoline, etc) about our trip. Maybe it's useful for all those who are planning to do it:

    First of all, you can see a a map of the states with the route we finally did here:

    This are the cities where we stopped to sleep, so you can make a clear idea of all the route we did:

    New York - Buffalo - Niagara Falls - Cleveland - Berlin - Chicago - Indianapolis - Louisville - St.Louis - Kansas City - Dodge City - Holcomb - Amarillo - Roswell - Las Cruces - Phoenix - Oracle - Superior - Flagstaff - Valle - Grand Canyon - Las Vegas - Escondido - Tijuana (México) - San Diego - Los Angeles - Carmel - Monterrey - Palo Alto - San Francisco

    -We spent 28 days to do the whole tripc (August'08)

    -We did 9.815 Kilometers (6.099 miles) along 15 states (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada y California)

    -We spent 1170 dollars in gasoline (839 €)

    -We had to use three different cars using Hertz:
    1. Chevrolet Aveo (we had a little accident with this one)
    2. Ford Fusion (flat tire. We changed it in California)
    3. Pontiac G6

    We spent around 4.000 dollars with the whole trip (planes, hotels, cars, gasoline, food and all the rest), but I must say that it can be made with much less. We spent a lot in Las Vegas, we bought too much things and when we wanted to go to restaurants we did it without thinking of the money. I think this same trip can be made with 3.200 $ without problems.

    We are writing all these stuff in a blog called "A Toda Caucho

    I must say it's not the typical roadtrip blog. Before starting the trip, we published 120 typical-silly challenges we had to do in the States. Challenges like:

    -Playing the gigantic piano of the Tom Hanks "Big" movie in New York
    -Going to a cornfield in Kansas and get and eat a corncob
    -Play Blackjack in the Bellaggio in Las Vegas
    -Play a streetball basket match in Detroit
    -Go to the Playboy mansion in Beverly Hills

    Yes I know, they are all very silly, but we did them!! ;)

    Anyway, for all of you who are planning to do a roadtrip I would be glad to answer your questions if you have any!!

    Greetings from sunny Spain!

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    Default A great adventure.

    Hello and welcome back Borja,

    Thank you for dropping by and sharing your trip with us, it sounds as though it went really well and there is some good info for other's to read.

    I hope the "little accident" in the Aveo didn't cause you too many problems?

    If you would like to share any other highlights or "special moments" on your adventure then we would love to hear more about it on the forums.


  3. Default Car Hire

    Thanks Borja. I'm currently planning a trip with my fiancee for our honeymoon next July. The route is NYC to LA and San Fran. I'm a bit worried about the car hire fee. Could you answer me some questions about how you did it within your budget as thats a similar budget to us.

    How much was your entire car hire charges?

    Who did you go with and would you recommend them?

    Did you find it was cheaper to hire more than 1 car and drop them off at locations along the way to reduce your one way drop off charge?

    More info on our trip is in the Summer Road Trip forum section under Enlgish in the US!


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