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    Okay, so it's not a "road trip" so much as a plain old trip from Pittsburgh to Philly. But I figure, why not make it a mini-road trip? Only problem is...there doesn't seem to be much in the middle of Pennsylvania. Can anyone here recommend a thing or two to do? Doesn't have to be big, by any means. In fact, quick activities would be better, as I would like to do the trip in one day. But if anyone knows any sights, museums, hilariously local diners, or anything like that, I would very much appreciate your insights.

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    Pittsburgh to Philadelphia is a good 5+ hours under the best of conditions without any stops, so there's not a lot of time for wandering off the Turnpike, but still I can think of one worthwhile 'detour' and a couple of stops you might enjoy. At Breezewood, leave the Turnpike and take I-70 (south)east into Maryland and visit Fort Frederick in Big Pool and then take MD-66 north/MD-77 east through Catoctin Mountain National Park (Camp David) to US-15 north up to Gettysburg. Even an hour spent walking those grounds would be worthwhile. US-15 north from Gettysburg would put you back on the Turnpike at Harrisburg.


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