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    Hi all! I just started reading up on this awesome site & am overwhelmed by all the great info here! Boy am I glad I found this. Anyway i thought I'd see what you had to say about my trip.
    My sister lives in Eugene, OR & I live in Detroit, MI. We decided instead of either of us ponying enough dough for plane tix, we'd road trip out & meet in the middle.
    I think we're leaning to somewere in Colorado (Aspen, Denver, something like that).

    Anyway, the idea is since we'll have only 2 days together, drive like a bat outta hades to get there, and lollygag the way back.

    Just from what I'm reading, sounds like Rt 50 or 66 are good bets. The only thing that worries me is crossing the Great Plaines. Will it be utter boredom for 7-hr stretches?
    I'll have 2.5 days to get there, 2 days with Sis, and 5 whole days to get back!

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    Default Given your parameters

    Since time is of the essence, I would not suggest using either US-50 or US-66 (both are two-lane and hard to sustain normal highway speeds). I-80 is a better route for both of you.

    A possible rendevous area would be Rocky Mtn National Park or any of the SW section of Colorado.

    I have never found a boring road in the United States, our thoughts about Boring can be found <a href = "">here</a>.

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