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    My partner and I are coming to New York from the UK in Mid March for a birthday of a relative living in New York. After that is over (maybe about 20th march) I would like to go travel for a week or three and see a bit more of USA. I was orginally considering travelling around New York state - catskills, Adirondack, Niagra but it looks a bit chilly in March. Any advice here? Is it very cold that time of year?

    Was thinking perhaps of flying over to Las Vegas and tour round there for a couple of weeks. Is weather a bit better in Arizona? is that a good time to go?

    Any other suggestions?

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    Late March (the 15th and later) is when the East Coast starts to warm up. I'm actually driving to Toronto in Mid March, and will be passing through Buffalo on the way. Anything earlier than Mid-March and you run the risk of ending up in a LOT of snow.

    I've not been in the southwest in several years, so I can't speak to that, but I think there's plenty of stuff to do regardless of where you decide to go!

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    Default Narrowing it down.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I believe that the average high in Vegas for March is in the high 60's so you could see 70 plus later in the Month. However, with 1 to 3 weeks and being prepared to fly across country gives you many, many options. The whole country and too many to mention in fact, so I would suggest you do a little research with a good map and a search of the forums to find the things that appeal to you and your interests. If the weather/temps are an issue you can normally find results by typing in place/month/weather to the search engine.

    When you have decided what to do and for how long I am sure we can be of help and "fine tune" your plans.

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