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    Default 2nd 48 State road trip in less then a year

    Last year I did a 48 state road trip to raise awareness to homeless issues.
    It was a amazing trip that you can read about here.

    One of the things I learned on my trip is that a lot of people hurting are afraid. They are afraid about how people will judge them even if its not their fault. I was amazed about all the letters I got from people who felt alone that needed to hear they were not the only ones hurting.

    With everyone hurting these these days I decided to do another one. So I contacted United Way. With that the 48 State Capital Road Trip on behalf of The Greater Twin Cities United Way was born.

    While last year it was a 9068 mile 48 trip, this one will be just under 15,000 State Capital road trip. Using the website, facebook, myspace and twitter people will be able to track and follow me.

    Last years trip I fully funded using my own money and my own car. This time I am hoping to find some sponsors. Hoping to find a dealership that could use some good PR and let me use a loaner car. Also looking for sponsors to come up with the $3000 to pull the trip off.

    Wish me luck. No date yet, hopefully a few weeks from now.

    feel free to write with any suggestions

    Greg Staffa
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    Default best of luck

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Since you've already done a trip like this, I imagine you already have most of what you need to know to get this underway.

    I wish you luck finding a sponsor, but its hard to get something for nothing, and that's especially true in these times. I'd be fairly surprised if you get anyone to give you a car in exchange for some PR, but at least your history of doing something like this will give you some legitimacy. If you want any chance of being successful in getting a sponsor, you're going to have to show them exactly how they're going to get their money worth, what publicity they'll be getting, etc. If you can prove to them that they will get a few thousand dollars in "free" publicity out of it, then you just might be able to get a "free" car. Thats even more true when trying to get help in the form of cash, after all, why would a company give you money to help the united way, when they can just give the United Way the money themselves. Its also probably going to be a lot easier for companies to help the united way than to help you, since they are already a non-profit and have all the tax type things that go with it, so you may want to see what you can work out with the UW so any donations go to them, and you get to use them.

    I'll also mention that getting the kinds of donations you are talking about is something that takes a lot of time, effort, and planning. If you are really hoping to leave in just a few weeks, then its probably too late to get any significant sponsorship help.

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    This is a really hard sell. People don't have much money to spare these days, nor do charities.

    Good luck.

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    Default Road Trip

    I have two things going for me, last years trip and the economy. To be able to say I did a smaller trip last year 100% on my own and then show the press coverage and the letters I got gives me a good track record.

    The economy is also helping. Its a unusual request. But car dealers are hurting. If you live in a area like mine you have the Ford sales down 32% in April and across the street GM April sales are down 34% And Toyota sales are down 42% its tough. It forces you to find different and creative ways to market and draw people in. And last years local coverage was huge.

    Im not asking for a 2009 car to use but many have loaner cars that they use.

    The other thought is a car rental place which would basically be a 2 week donation of a rental.

    So ya, it's not easy but life is not easy.

    As far as why sponsor me vs a direct donation? PR Its no different then Sponsoring a Golf Tournament. There is a lot more spending involved in something like that then what I am asking and how often was local charity Golf Tournament covered by KCRA Sacramento, KNBC Los Angeles, NBC4 Washington DC, WTAE Pittsburgh, WNBC New York, NBC5 Chicago, News4Jax Jacksonville, NBC5 Dallas Fort Worth, WCVB Channel 5 Boston, 7NEWS Denver, KCCI Des Moines, WGAL*Lancaster, NBC10 Philadelphia, NBC11 San Francisco, KSAT San Antonio, just to name a few. When was the last time someone went to a Golf Tournament and then wrote a letter saying

    Hi there,

    I read about you in the Star Tribune, and found your website from there. I just want to say that I think it's great that you're trying to bring attention to the "hidden homeless." It happened to me about 2 years ago, though I was only stuck living in my car for a month or so. There's such a stigma associated with homelessness that to this day most of my friends and family have no idea that I went through it. You've inspired me to speak out to them about my experience in order to dispel some of that stigma.*

    Great job man!


    So this is a very different trip and it's a different kind of thing and yes a lot of people are hurting. But as I showed last year it is a trip that can do a lot of good and give any Sponsor some good PR.
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    Default Car

    Looks like I got the car part all worked out. Now onto finding a few sponsors for the $3000 I am hoping to get to pull it off.
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    Default Its not us

    We wish you the best, and you certainly don't have to convince us about the benefits of sponsoring you, its your potential sponsors you have to work on.

    good luck.

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