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    Hey all! First post!

    So, our family is considering a road trip down the west coast, visiting sites along the way. (We haven't decided specifically where yet, but will be stopping at places like Lake Coeur d'Alene in Idaho, The Golden Gate Bridge, The Grand Canyon and other landmarks along the way. We are a group of 8. How much would you say it would cost (very generally lol) for an rv rental for that number of people, gas, etc. Also, what are good ways to keep food costs low? Thanks for any info you can give!


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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Your biggest issue will be finding a rental company that can accommodate 8 people, the largest class C RV rental I know will only sleep 7. Most people at this point think of "squeezing" the extra person in somewhere but the problem is the number of seat belts available which are a requirement by law. You will most likely need 2 RV's or rent/drive your own car and take a tent for a couple of you.

    For ideas of cost you should look at the company websites for deals, the big 2 being Cruise America and El Monte as there are a few factors to consider, such as mileage charges, whether you require bedding and kitchen kits etc, for how long you will be renting and if it's a one trip or not.

    Expect to see a gas return of 10mpg and you can use the RTA fuel cost calculator on the left hand side of every page to work it out when you have an idea of the miles you might cover. They add up quick especially when you are going to places like the Grand canyon "on the way". ;-)

    With an RV just shop as you would at home they have all you need to cook a healthy and good value meal.

    Have a look around the forum for ideas/info and if you have more questions about your trip just ask.

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