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    In april im planning on taking a trip with a buddy of mine down to anaheim from seattle. money is no issue. but the problem is that we are both under the age of 18. hotels and motels are a big issue im guessing. is this a lost cause? or can my parents call in to the hotel and reserve by phone?

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    Motels will be a significant concern. Without a credit card in your own name, you're going to be out of luck in most places. You can certainly call around and find out what the policies are for various places, but I don't think you'll find many places that will take responsibility for having two minors on their property.

    You would probably have more luck camping, if that might be an option for you. Credit Card deposits are usually not an issue there, and most will probably not be checking for ID.

    Another issue you should at least think about is how you'll deal with medical care if you would have an accident on the road. AZ Buck's post in this thread contains some good information you should also consider when planning this trip.

  3. Default If you're under 18 ...

    In general if you're under 18 you may have a hard time with the hotels, as noted with the credit cards.

    A couple of things to check on..

    - Do have your parents make the reservations ahead of time with a credit card number. The hotels are looking to make sure they get paid, so they're going to want a credit card number. In most cases if you want to, they'll take cash or travelers checks at the desk when you check out and then tear up the credit card slip in front of you if you pay cash.

    - If you have a concern, have a written letter from a parent that includes credit card number, contact information on the parent (address, phone number), and a signature saying that you are authorized to charge to that card. They can even put a limit on it if they want to -- like $250/ time or something.

    - If worse comes to worse (and I did this for a friend who didn't have a credit card and whose daughter got stuck in an airport hotel in a blizzard), your parents can fax in authorization to use a credit card to the hotel. They basically fax in the above written letter.

    - If you want to go to Anaheim, there might be an issue with camping. I think there's a KOA campground in the vicinity of Disneyland, but other than that the closest campgrounds I know of are a ways away along the beach -- and they're set up for RV campers.

    And besides the medical insurance bit, just in case of emergency --

    - You're taking cell phones right? (I figured you were, but some people dont.) Make sure you check in. I-5 from Seattle to Anaheim has cell coverage pretty much the whole lenght of the way. This gives your parents piece of mind, and also lets you call for help if needed.

    - Does anyone going along have a AAA or other roadside assistance card? It's another "just in case" precaution. But you know, something stupid can always happen -- even just locking your keys in the car. It's useful to have that available.

    - Done your homework on maps and roads and stuff? And what to stuff in the car and what to take? Ice chest or food money and etc?

    - Lastly, if you want to be treated as an adult, act like adult. Don't do something stupid. (Silly advice huh? But you'd be amazed at how many adults don't follow that....)

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    Default hostels?

    what about checking into youth hostels along the way?

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    Default Hostels in the US

    While not as prevalent as in Europe, hostels are available in the US, in particular along the west coast. These are often in great locations, but be aware that they are typically dormitory-type settings rather than private rooms and bath facilities. They run around $20-$25 a night, so they're considerably cheaper than most motels. You can also join up with Hostelling International (HI), either before you go or along the way. And in a case of your youth working for you for a change, membership is free if you're under 18.


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