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    I'm taking a Uhaul from Davis, CA to Seattle next week and was wondering if anyone had any advice on routes, alternate routes, weather, how bad the roads really are etc.

    I know that I would hate to drive over the passes from Sacramento into Tahoe in a Uhaul this time of year... those roads are full of sharp turns and long drops... are the Oregon Passes on I 5 as bad? What can I expect? I would take the coast road, there won't be any snow, but that's as twisty (with big drops offs) as anything I've ever driven on.

    Thoughts, advice, suggestions?

    Thanks. I have to admit that taking all my stuff through the mountains in a possibly poorly maintained truck makes me a bit more apprehensive than usual.


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    It's going to be up to you to thoroughly examine the truck you get from U-Haul and make sure that it is up to snuff for the drive, but I can tell you that Interstate Highways are built to designs that limit both the grade (steepness) and radius of curvature (tightness of turns) so that neither of those should be a problem if you take I-5. I know of no switchbacks anywhere on the Interstate system.


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