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  1. Default Oregon Coast....recommendations??

    Hello all
    yes, birdybird is planning another road trip this summer! Thanks to all the support I got last year from this site on my first ever solo road trip, I"m ready to do it again!!!
    Alas, I won't be able to do solo this year as my sisters wanted to tag along this time ( of course i say this in jest, the 3 of us will have a blast!) We will start out in Boise and head towards the Oregon coast. Our first stopover will be in Camp Sherman, Oregon to stay at our childhood vacation spot - Lake Creek Lodge! Check out their website for anybody touring Oregon this summer who wants to stay at a totally cool place-
    We will then head to the Oregon coast but have NO idea of places to see, places to stay. Anybody familiar with that area that can give some advice? Thanks so much!!

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    Default Nice to see you back!

    Quote Originally Posted by birdybird View Post
    We will then head to the Oregon coast but have NO idea of places to see, places to stay.
    Here is a great list of threads to start reading and thinking about.I have two recommendations for inns to try along the coast. The first is the Sylvia Beach Hotel in Newport -- I don't know if you and your sisters like books, but this place would be memorable. Each room is themed in a literary style -- Dr. Seuss & Emily Dickinson rooms for example. The Cannon Beach hotel has location, location, location. And finally I would recommend the Beachfront Inn in Harbor, OR -- it looks like a normal motel -- but the views from the rooms are pretty amazing.


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    Default You've caught roadtrip fever, haven't you?

    I'm thrilled you're doing another trip. You and your sisters should have a hoot! And thanks for heads-up about Lake Creek Lodge.

    Mark's recommendations sound very cool. Since I camp so much, I'm not familiar with hotels. But I would be glad to answer any questions you have about the Oregon Coast. After reading through the threads that Mark pointed you through, come on back and let us help you plan another fantastic adventure!

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    Default A few places

    Here's a list of a few places I've stopped at along the Oregon coast.

    Cannon Beach has a wide sandy beach. Just offshore is Haystack Rock
    a popular photo subject.

    Haceta Head Lighthouse. Very scenic lighthouse.

    Bandon Beach towards the southern coast is worth visting.

    If you like hiking, inland from Florence is the Sweet Creek Trail. This is
    really named appropriately. The farther you hike the scene keeps getting

    All the towns I've stopped at were pretty interesting. I wish I had more
    time to explore the towns and parks.

    You'll have a great trip, all the towns are worth exploring ( like Tillamook,
    Newport, Cannon Beach, Newport, Florence, Bandon).

    One book that's great for photographers, but can be useful for travelers
    as well is the Photographer's guide to the Oregon Coast by David Middleton
    and Rod Barbee (two well known photographers).

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    Default I justlove that Bandon Beach photo


    You capture light better just about anyone I know!



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    Default Thanks

    Thanks Mark.

    The scenery of the Oregon coast does most of the
    work when it comes to photography. My hardest part for me
    is waking up before the sun.


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