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    Going from NJ to CA and back in April. I've done the sites in Cleveland. Any other ideas in Ohio.

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    Default nothing to go on

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You've told us nothing about your trip other than you're driving across the entire country and you want to stop in Ohio - but not in Cleveland.

    Based on that, there really is nothing that we can tell you. Until you provide a little more help about what you've already planned, how much time you have, and what you are interested in, etc, there's very little meaningful advice that we can offer

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    I will be going to CA via Montana and Oregon. The first stop I'm making is in SD. As I'm retired, time is not an issue. I would like to see sites before SD if possible. I prefer sites which don't require alot of walking. Landmarks, landscapes, ... Thanks.

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    Default Some Good Places to Start

    You can start by checking out two of our good old standbys: a list of places to stop every couple of hours along the major Interstates, and lists of a couple of dozen attractions in each state. Besides that, be sure to stop in at each welcome center as you pass into a new state and ask the invariably helpful staff for their recommendations. Another good source of tips is to get away from the exit ramp fast food joints and head into town for a good sit down meal. Many small to medium sized towns and cities have tourist information bureaus that are another great source of local intel. If nothing else, the locals you'll be talking to will be more interesting and helpful than fry cooks and desk clerks (although I've also gotten great ideas from them on occasion!)


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