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    Default Spring road trip east & west - input plssssss

    We are planning the following in April and this is basically the plan - we are open to any suggestions / imputs / tips.

    Excluding Las Vegas, Los Angeles & New York this will be our first time in many places (we are coming from Israel)

    Arrive New Ark - stay in Jersey (this is a must so it can't be changed)
    New Jersey - Philadelphia - Lancaster (2 days enough?)
    Return to New Jersey and fly to Memphis - spend the day
    Memphis early morning drive to the Smokey Mountains - 2-3 days
    Smokey Mountains drive to Nashville - send the day
    Nasville \drive via Alabama, Mississippi to New Orleans - we think 2 day trip (any suggestion what to see on the way and where to spend the night?) - we want to drive through the smaller southern towns.
    New Orleans - 2 days (is that enough?)
    Fly out to the Grand Canyon - 2days
    Grand Canyon drive to Las vegas - 2-3 days
    Drive to Los Angeles

    We have 3 weeks.

    Love your input and thanks alot!

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    Default logistics

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think the basic outline of where you want to go and the amount of time you have to do it is fine, but your trip seems heavy on the stops and starts.

    For example, I'm not really sure why you'd fly from NJ to Memphis, if you are going to be in PA and you want to see the smokey mountains. By the time you drive back to the airport fly to memphis, and then drive across TN to the mountains, you'll end up spending just as much, if not more time traveling than if you just drove straight there.

    I'm also a little curious what you are planning when you say you want to fly into the grand canyon and then spend 2-3 days driving to Vegas. Most people who fly to the canyon either fly into Vegas or Phoenix, because of limited service to Flagstaff - the closest airport with commercial service.

    If you've got 3 weeks, I think I would look at simply driving the whole leg. You've got enough time, you'd get to see more things, you wouldn't have to pay for multiple plane tickets and deal with multiple rental cars, and when its all said an done, I don't think you would end up saving that much time by doing a bunch of internal flights for this trip.

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    Default hmmm... I thought the flying would make it easier..LOL

    Thanks a bunch...I think hubby will like the drive.
    Do you know of any "must sees" on the drive through the south?

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