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  1. Default Moving from So Cal to ATL

    My husband is getting out of the USMC sometime around Feb or March 2010. We are wanting to take our time driving back to GA from CA and do a little sight seeing and what not. So, does anyone have any suggestions on where we should go? Keeping in mind my husband has had a few knee surgeries so things that require a lot of walking, or climbing arent do-able!

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum, and thanks to your husband for his service to our country!

    On the short list, taking in the sights of the National Parks, such as Grand Canyon, along the way, are within reason even for someone with limited mobility.

    How much time do you want to spend on the road, and what types of things are you both most interested in?

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    Thanks for your support!

    We are thinking about making the Trip a week long...between 5 and 7 days.

    As for things we are interested in. Um thats kind of a hard one. We are pretty much up for anything. I love nature. Fishing, camping, and just beautiful scenery. My husband is up for anything that involves cars, as well as the whole fishing/camping thing. We are going to be traveling with a tent.

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    Default Plenty to Do and Plenty of Time to Do It

    Assuming Camp Pendleton to Atlanta, you have four solid days worth of driving ahead of you, leaving you a full day to three days worth of time to sprinkle through your trip to enjoy the scenery and unique places. Just a few of the spots you might want to consider are the slot canyons at Anza-Borrego if you haven't taken advantage of their proximity yet (and the timing of your trip is near perfect), Kartchner Caverns south of Benson, AZ (I recommend the Throne Room), White Sands National Monument, Monahans Sand Dunes, and Vicksburg National Military Park. But those are just the 'biggies'. Be sure to take advantage of the many smaller parks along the way as well.


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    AZBUCK, are those places easily accessible? We are limited to what we can do as far as adventures in nature due to my husbands knee injury

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    Default Yes, at Least to Some Extent

    All of the places I listed would be accessible to your husband at some level. My own wife has a problem with her right knee and is limited to a couple of miles tops when we hike, and she has been to most places with me. At Anza-Borrego you might be limited to just the drive in from the west and the shorter nature trails around the Visitors Center, but they are absolutely worth it. At Kartchner wheelchairs are available and the entire cave tour is on a smooth, paved walkway. I just pushed a friend of mine through the Big Room a week or so ago. There are occasional breaks in the tour and benches en route. There are going to be similar restrictions and accommodations at the other parks as well. He may not be able to do everything but, as I'm sure he would agree, that's no reason to do nothing.


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    okay, Thanks!

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