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    Default NY/DC to So.Cal - Want space in our moving truck?

    Hey everyone,

    This site is AWESOME btw....

    I am moving to California with 2 other friends, and making the trip across with them. If you need stuff moved across, you are welcome to go in on our truck with us, for any who might prefer to drive in a car or fly across.

    We want to save a little money on the costs of the moving truck and gas. Depending on how much stuff you have, we will determine how much space it will take up in cubic feet - and proportionately price it based on the cost of the truck plus gas, divided by the people.

    FYI - my boyfriend has been the foreman of a moving company for two years btw so your stuff including ours is safe and sound!

    Any takers, let me know, we are planning to move by Oct 5, the latest.


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    Default Hope we can hook you up!

    Quote Originally Posted by CaliWeComin View Post
    We want to save a little money on the costs of the moving truck and gas.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum and best of fortune to you during this move!


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    Where are you going in SoCal?

    I desperately want to move a piece of furniture from College Park MD. The piece of furniture is an audio component rack (6 feet tall, 2 feet wide, 2 feet deep--weight 75 lbs) and there would be a box of glass shelves too (don't know the size yet)

    I live in Northern CA-near San Jose but it would be possible for me to get down to SoCal --or to have it transported up to me.

    Let me know your thoughts

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    Hi Kweber,

    As with your other request, you need to check the dates of when the thread was last active.

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