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    Hey all.

    I am planning a drive from Indianapolis to Portland, OR this December. Just to get one thing straight, I know that I am insane, so we can get that out of the way. :)

    I'm either driving a Subaru Forester or WRX, both with all weather tires. I am planning on getting a set of chains. I know all the usual winter weather advisories - carry maps, water, food, warm clothes, shovel, kitty litter, cash to bribe people to help pull my car out of the ditch...I am no stranger to long drives or snow - I grew up in the middle of lake effect snow in upstate NY, and have driven the route back home from Indy that 700 miles in a day is an easy day.

    I am looking for some ideas of what to expect for the drive. Google Maps gives the best route as I-74 to Davenport, IA, then I-80 to Salt Lake City, then I-84 up to PDX. What are the chances of getting held up/stopped by snow? How quickly do they get the interstates cleaned up when they have to close? Will I have a better shot at making it faster by taking I-70?

    Funny story about having money to bribe at least used to be quite common for teams racing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans (sportscar race in France) to have a kit in the racecar with a few basic tools, a cell phone, and a large wad of money. The track is several miles long, and if you break down or throw it off the road it's going to take a long time for someone to help it was usually easier to throw some money at spectators to bribe them to help push you out of the ditch. :)

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    Default getting things straight

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    If you're insane for driving across country in winter, than so are the thousands of people who do the same thing each and every day of the winter season (including the 2 dozen or so who've asked nearly identical questions on this forum alone in the past couple weeks).

    When there is snow on the interstates, these routes are the first to get plowed because they are the most heavily used. Its rare for one to be impassible for more than a day, but if things do get so bad that plow crews can't keep up, they will just shut down the highway.

    There is no way of knowing what the odds are that you'll see such weather until just before you travel and can see an accurate weather forecast. Going farther south certainly doesn't do anything to improve your odds of seeing good weather (if anything, you might be more likely to see ice rather than snow).

    I will also say that 700 miles might be an easy day if you are only driving for one day and in good conditions. Trying to do it day after day, especially in winter, is not a great idea. You're looking at a 2300 mile drive, and you shouldn't try to do this in less than 4 days, and really be ready to use a 5th day in case you do hit some bad weather.

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