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    Default Indianapolis to Denver in WINTER!

    Hey there. Im trying to plan a trip from Indianapolis to Denver through Kansas (obviously) and am curious to know how trecherous the winter weather is in missouri/kansas/colorado. Blizzard-like, or driveable, or questionable? We would be going in Mid December, returning shortly before X-mas. How are the driving conditions on I-70 that time of year? Please let me know!
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    Default Much easier than Siberia!

    Denver rarely sees much snow until January or early February. Although there are always exceptions to the rule, the heaviest snow storms hit after the middle of January. It is possible to hit ice storms as you make your way west on I-70 over the plains, but in most situations, it is only necessary to slow down to a reasonable speed.

    The thing to keep in perspective is that commerical trucks use I-70 every day and it is very rare to find weather bad enough to stop the flow of trucks. Because of the lake effect, conditions just north of Indianapolis are usually far worse than you are likely to encounter on any element of the trip to the west.

    Carry a reasonable supply of food and cold winter gear, check with the highway department each morning and enjoy the winter road trip.


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