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    I am excited to see this forum and I hope to get some good advice here. My wife and I are planning to drive from Chicago to Niagara coming weekend.

    At a high level, this is our plan - kindly suggest any other alternatives or interesting things to see/do on our way.

    Fri July 31
    05:00 am - Start from NW suburbs
    05:45 am - Stop somewhere near lakefront and watch sunrise
    07:00 am - Stop somewhere near South Bend and have breakfast
    We are carrying our own b'fast - any good place to stop?
    12:30 pm - Planning to reach Cleveland, OH
    Taking a lunch break in a restaurant
    02:00 pm - Starting from Cleveland, OH
    06:00 pm - Reach Buffalo, NY
    Check in to hotel, take some rest
    07:00 pm - Have a nice dinner
    08:30 pm - Go towards Niagara, to see night lighting

    Sat Aug 1
    07:00 am - Checkout from hotel, go towards Niagara falls again
    01:00 pm - Finish seeing Niagara, taking rides etc.
    02:00 pm - Finish lunch, start driving back
    07:00 pm - Reach Sandusky region, checkin to hotel
    ** Anything to do here?

    Sun Aug 2
    Drive back to Chicago NW suburbs, takes around 7 hours with breaks
    Anything to do on the way?


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    Default ease up

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    My advice to you would be to simply ease up a bit. First of all, you are really really trying to fly through places here, but more importantly, when you are trying to plan a trip down to the hour and minute, you're going to have a trip where you are more focused on the clock than having fun. If you have a good trip, you'll have things that take you off schedule. Allow for this and don't try to schedule every second of every day, even on a short trip like this.

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