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    Default I was looking at this thread....

    I thought the roadtrip was one of the best ideas on this website. Just a few changes and it would have been perfect. I don't why the thread was closed, for nothing in the rules stating he did anything wrong.

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    Default Since You Asked

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    It is highly unusual for someone to join this, or any, forum just to ask a question about policy as applied to a specific instance, but let me explain. The purpose of this website is to offer advice on making safe, productive and enjoyable RoadTrips. The people actively offering such advice are a very limited resource. None of them are paid salaries and no one is charged for the advice they receive here. However, this site is not just a free for all. Several actions will get a user banned either temporarily or permanently. Posting of inappropriate content, spam, solicitations, or scams will get a poster banned immediately and permanently. This site also enforces a 'Good Neighbor' policy under which abusive language, denigration of entire cities or states, or blanket prejudicial statements about whole groups of people will earn suspension or banning as well as immediate editing of the offending posts. Finally the advocacy of unsafe practices or the wasting of moderators' time will be tolerated only to a very limited extent.

    The thread you refer to was a case of the last problem. The original poster had received a dozen or more responses pointing out ways to improve nearly every aspect of his trip, suggesting stops, different routing, etc. It was also repeatedly noted that his driving distances and times were overly optimistic to the point of being unsafe. His response was to ignore the specific advice and to increase his driving distances. These factors were pointed out to him by at least two moderators, but he continued to ignore advice, indeed complaining that he hadn't gotten any, and advocated drives as long as 1,500 miles in a single day. At that point is was clear that all the effort put in by many, many people to help him had been wasted, and he was now proposing activities which were clearly unsafe. Two moderators then made separate decisions to stop this. Each chose separate actions to end this discussion. One chose to (temporarily) ban the poster from further activity on the boards, the other specifically closed the thread.

    This website endeavors to maintain a friendly and informative aspect and prides itself on responding as well as we can, and as quickly as we can, to specific questions. Every moderator came to this board first as a user and has earned whatever 'status' they might have by continuous efforts to keep up the tenor of what the general public finds when they come here. It is important to remember that no one has an absolute right to post whatever they want here. In fact, I have also had posts edited and even removed because of content. The use of this forum is a privilege and a free use of very limited resources. Any abuse of the willingness of our contributors to help out will not be tolerated nor will repeated proposals of unsafe activities.


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    Default Other things we don't tolerate

    In addition to all of the things that Buck mentioned very clearly, one other thing we do not tolerate is banned users creating new accounts to continue posting questions and/or mis-representing themselves as a new individual.

    Not surprisingly, Curly Sherman and BPoore06 (the original banned poster of the linked thread) share the same ISP, and thus Curly Sherman is now banned too.

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