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    Just wondering what happened to the "Last minute jitters" thread that I had so many replies to. I had told my sis to look it up...and now I've gone in to see it (from work) and can't find it. Were there too many responses and it had to be removed? I notice there are older ones on here...hope I'm not just overlooking it.

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    I moved the thread (and in the process it "broke apart") but all components are "live." Look under "Off the Beaten Path" subject heading. The replies are now posted under the following headings... "Hardest Part"... "Margaritaville"... and "Jitters are part of the journey".

    Unlike many forums on the Web, we keep all threads active, so any subject can be found through the search function. For instance if you put your name "Teresa" into the search -- 12 threads (with bunches of sub-threads) are displayed covering the range of the last month or two.

    The only restriction is that no more than 300 threads at one time can be displayed on a viewer's page.


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