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    Howdy all,

    First post to the forum. My wife and I are taking my Grandma to her new apartment in Wichita, Kansas. We're leaving the weekend of November 15 and have about a week, give or take a couple days. It's a one way trip: my wife and I will be flying back from Wichita. Ideally we'd like to do the trip in about 4 or so days so we have a few days in Wichita before heading back. Even though we have 3 drivers in a Toyota Camry (movers are taking her stuff separately) we'd like to take our time a little bit to see some things on the way.

    The only prerequisite is we need to make brief stops in Driggs, ID and Logan, UT. I'm really not sure which route might be the most interesting.

    Here's a publicly editable Google Map I'm using to plan the trip:

    I would have loved to see Yellowstone on this trip, but I don't think we'll be able to due to the time of year. Totally open to suggestions here. We also love greasy spoon diners and Americana, so I'm thinking that will be a theme for the trip, too.

    Any ideas?

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Unfortunately, your current plan calls for covering nearly 2,200 miles. To do this in 4 days would require that you do about what is generally considered a full day's drive, 550 miles, each and every day. Add in the fact that you have a couple of personal stops to make, and you have practically no time at all to make any sight seeing stops. Having multiple drivers will help ensure that you have a fresh driver, but will not really allow you to drive any faster or significantly more miles. The only way "to take (y)our time a little bit to see some things on the way" is to add more time. If you can add the time, then Salt Lake City and Arches and Rocky Mountain National Parks are where I'd suggest that you use that time to best effect.


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    Thanks for the info! Like I mentioned, the 4 days number is pretty arbitrary. We're flexible in that regard. If there are things especially worth stopping for along the way, we would do it. I'm just having a hard time figuring out the best options, especially since National Park stuff will be limited due to the weather in mid-November.

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    Via fastest route, you can drive from Logan to Wichita in 2 days. Now - how many days CAN you spare for that, and I can make some suggestions. I'm thinking from a weather standpoint, the southern Utah parks should be accessible.

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