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    Default Seattle to San Diego - 21 days June -July 09

    We are two work mates from England, I'm Ian and my friend is Dave. The plan was to drive from Seattle along the coast to San Diego.

    Before we left we booked the flights with Air Canada into Seattle via Vancouver and out 21 days later again with Air Canada from San Diego via Calgary to London Heathrow.

    Before we left the only bookings we made were a 4 x 4 and two nights in the Best Western Pioneer Square Seattle. The rest was made up as we went along, the only objective was to go to San Franscisco and Vegas.

    On arrival in Seattle we picked up a Toyota Highlander, turned out a very reliable motor. We had a Sat Nav and she took us to our hotel making sure we did not get lost!
    I enjoyed Seattle, filled with nice friendly people and a clean interesting city, walked around quite a bit, from Pioneer Square to the Space Needle, to many different pubs and was always made welcome.
    One of our trips was on a Duck tour, now English people are mostly reserved and the Duck tour was anything but that! Loud and with many, for us anyway, embaressing moments. Ka' ching as we pat the many Starbucks of Seattle "Did you know the first Starbucks was in Seattle" I bet you did. Did you know that Sleepless in Seattle was made on the Houseboat over there. Did you know Frasier is from Seattle. Did you know the big Star wars thingy planet washisname is in Seattle found in a skip. Lots of info I cant forget!

    I really enjoyed Seattle and would love to go back again

    We left Seattle and crossed on the ferry to Bainbridge Island, carried on driving to Port Townsend and had an enormous 16" Pizza! We carried on around the 101 went to a beautiful windswept place called Ruby Beach well worth a visit. We drove to along teh 101 and branched off to the coast as we were getting tired and ended up in Moclips.
    Have you heard of Moclips?
    What a great place we managed to find aplace to stay and asked the receptionist for a place for a beer. She said "well there the Seagate, dont worry it looks a bit rundown but its a great place" So along we went, sat down and had a beer. The waiter/barman is quite a character and his name is 'Stoney' He made us so welcome, as did all the regulars and staff. We stayed until closing time drunk as could be. But enjoyed the company so much. If anyone goes to the Seagate Moclips pop in and say a big hello to Stoney from Ian and Dave the English guys!

    To be continued..................

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    Default Thanks for Checking Back

    Thanks for coming back to report on your trip. It's quite unusual, but very much appreciated, for people to come back and tell us how the trip went so that we can see if our advice was of any use at all and how we can improve it in the future. I look forward to the continuation of your narrative.


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