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    My husband and I with our almost 2 yr old baby are being relocated from Dallas to LA. Since we have never done much driving across the country and we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to. We are thinking about taking a week so we can make a lot of stops so the toddler does not go crazy (although in the past she can tolerate 4 hr drives really well)

    Anyone has any suggestions on which route we should take and which towns we should stop? We are considering doing this around Nov.

    Thanking you all in advance!

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    Traveling with a small child means that there are two completely different sets of wants or desires to meet, those of the adults and those of the child. Your daughter would be quite happy stopping every few hours at a roadside park. The adults will probably want to sample some of the bigger and more famous sites along the way. Since your toddler's needs are so 'easily' met, I'm going to suggest a route that might be stimulating to the adults and let you find local playgrounds and state parks where your daughter can play.

    The shortest route is simply I-20 to I-10, but you have enough time to take a much more interesting route than that. Since you are leaving Texas for a while, I'd recommend that you take this opportunity to see any sights that you may not have gotten to there, such as the Alamo, the Buddy Holly Museum in Lubbock, or even Big Bend National Park. Then on your way through southern New Mexico, consider stops at Carlsbad Caverns and/or Guadeloupe Mountains National Parks, Roswell, and White Sands National Monument. In Arizona possibilities include Chiricahua National Monument, Tombstone, Kartchner Caverns, Saguaro National Park, and the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. From the Tucson area you'll have time to continue north through Phoenix and Sedona to the Grand Canyon and can then complete your journey by visiting Las Vegas before continuing on to Los Angeles. The details are. of course,. up to you, but you really shouldn't be lacking for enjoyable roads and venues on this trip, for all of you.


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