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    Default Dallas to Oberlin to Rapid City to Dallas

    We are about to set off (the 23rd) to undertake a nice road trip. We depart Dallas and head for Oberlin, OH. We'll leave there the 28th or 29th and plan to end up back in Dallas on the 4th.

    We are interested in interesting routes and attractions along the way. We are very flexible about how we get there and come back. We last went to Rapid in December and were dodging bad snow roads. The advice I got here was awesome.

    We have brand new AARP cards and would be interested in inexpensive places to stay in motel or even camping (we'll have tents with us)

    I promise to take lots of pictures!


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    Default So Many Miles. So Little Time

    You're going to have to cover around 3,500 miles in 12 days by my reckoning. You can certainly accomplish that, but it is going to mean that most days are mostly driving and you can only spend a couple of days at most in Rapid City and Oberlin. Still, as long as you know what you're getting into...

    Each leg of your journey is roughly equal, so count on 2½ days or so for each major leg and that should leave time for a few stops along the way. between Dallas and Rapid City, some worthwhile stops would include the Oklahome City Memorial, an airplane museum in Wichita, and driving a stretch of the old Oregon trail following US-30 and the Platte River west past Chimney and Courthouse Rocks to Scottsbluff before using US-385 to get up to Rapid City. Between Rapid City and Oberlin, perhaps the Corn Palace in Mitchell SD, the Circus World Museum in Baraboo WI, and Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore outside Gary IN. Finally between Oberlin and Dallas, there are two great National Parks: Mammoth Cave in Kentucky and Hot Springs in Arkansas.

    Your AARP card will be good for a 10% discount at many motel chains, so you might want to check with your favorite to see which ones offer such a deal.

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    Default We are going the opposite way

    We are going Dallas to Oberlin, Oberlin to Rapid City, Rapid City to Dallas. I've heard about the Mammoth caves. That could be very cool. We've been on the long haul across SD before but I think we should see the corn palace.

    The route I'm comfortable with would be Dallas to West Memphis and up from there on 55. I think we will go further east this time (I've never been to Nashville) and head up from there.

    I'm getting very excited about this trip.

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