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    Hello Roadtrippers!

    Aussie family spending new year in NYC would like to drive out to Niagara Falls, stay one night and drive to Boston for 3 nights or so and then back to NYC to drop the car off before flying out.
    If anyone can give me some tips on driving times we need to allow and what accommodation options exist at Niagara Falls I would be very grateful!
    Driving conditions in early Jan? OK or dreadful?



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    If you have ideal traffic and road conditions, the drive from NYC to Niagara Falls can be done in about 8 hours, and the drive from Niagara Falls to Boston can be done in 9 hours - on toll roads. Driving conditions are unpredictable, but there is a higher likelihood of bad weather the closer you get to Niagara Falls. That part of NY State is very susceptible to lake effect snow. There are over 200 hotels in the area so lodging should not be a problem.

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