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    I was wondering if anyone could help me determine the best way to manage money on my road trip.
    I'm currently looking at finding a current account with a low abroad withdrawal rate.
    But it will still cost me a lot to withdraw money.

    Any ideas?


    I've found a nationwide account called FlexAccount which gives you some great withdrawal and spending rates.
    However i was wondering if anyone knows if i can open an American account so that i wouldn't be spending "abroad"?

    Can foreigners open accounts?
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    The answer is.... with great difficulty. Unless you are travelling for a year or more, it simply is not worth the effort.

    During my travels I withdraw at a US atm, from my savings account at home. Because my bank charges me $5 per international transaction, I withdraw the largest amount with which I am comfortable. Most of it goes into one of those pouches which you wear under your clothes. Each day I make sure there is enough in my purse for that day's planned expenditure.

    (Check around at different atm's, because some charge at the US end as well... lot's don't!)

    Or you could just use credit cards everywhere. Upside is, you have a written record of your expenditure. Downside is, some places charge more or don't take cards, and I know that Visa adds a (too large) percentage to every transaction. Other cards probably do too. And then there are the (offensive) organisations which will only accept US issued credit cards.

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    You can try using your debit card to buy something at Walmart - and getting up to $100 cash back. There are no US bank fees for doing that. This only works if your debit card has a 4 digit numeric PIN.

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    Well i'm going for 3 months, and the most you can withdraw in england is like £250 so i'd end up going back like 20 times for more.

    Yeah thats a good tip. If i need any quick cash i'll do that.
    Thanks anyway.

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