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  1. Default Credit Cards

    This probably isn't something most people would think about when you consider "gearing-up" for a long road trip. However, with all the different companies and credit card types floating around out there, the competition for business is intense. I was just wondering if there is a credit card available that focuses on tavelers...offering more rebates/incentives for fuel purchases, hotel stays, and any other expense associated with travelling. If anyone has insight on this, it would be greatly appreciated, if not...I guess it's time for me to hit the internet full force and find deals offered by credit card companies that will be beneficial to travellers.
    This summer my wife and I are venturing on a 10,000 mile trip...that's a lot of gas! It would be nice to be able to get a little back from credit card companies if it's available.

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    Default Credit Where it is Due

    I'd be extremely surprised if you can't find (with enough effort) a credit card that is tailored exactly to what you want. I've seen some that give you 1% back on all purchases but 2% on airline tickets, etc. With the amount of competition out there for your dollars, and the literally thousands of different options, someone will have cooked up a scheme pretty close to what you want. The trick will come in tracking it down.

    And don't forget to read the fine print about what happens to the rates a few months down the road. 1% back on purchases pales in comparison to 18% (or more!) interest.


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    Default Fuel Rebates

    Quote Originally Posted by Badduke
    This summer my wife and I are venturing on a 10,000 mile trip...that's a lot of gas! It would be nice to be able to get a little back from credit card companies if it's available.

    Its funny you ask if there is a credit card that gives percentages back on Fuel purchases. AAA offers a credit card via MBNA that gives upto 5% back on fuel purchases. You can find more information on this offer by visiting or contacting your local AAA Club.


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    yeah AZ Brad, I knew about the AAA card. The 5% is not really accurate because the rebates are capped at 2% of your total net retail purchases, and since I just want a credit card for gas and overnight accommodations, I don't believe I'll be getting a true 5% rebate. (I hate the small print!) Anyway, thanks for the input, and I haven't finished searching yet...AAA is still in the running.

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    Default Please share!

    If you find a great deal that fits your criteria, after reading the fine print, please come back and share it with the rest of us!

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    Default so many

    I am sure you would have searched all over, but there is a citibank credit card that gives 5 points(not cash back) on gas and other departmental stores(includes Safeway, Albertsons, etc...not walmart). Once you reach 5000 points, you can redeem it from a wide variety of choices. There is an option to redeem a $50 shell gas card.

    But on other places, its a 1 point for every $ spent.
    There is also a premier pass card from citi bank that gives you 3 points for every mile to fly.

    Hope it adds on to your existing confusion :)

    Good luck!

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    Default If you find one...

    Quote Originally Posted by Badduke
    This probably isn't something most people would think about when you consider "gearing-up" for a long road trip.
    Actually we have been looking for such a package for a while. We would like to offer it as a premium/reward to our fellow roadtrippers. So if you find a card -- please drop me a note.


  8. Default Here's what I can offer so far on Credit Cards.

    Iíve searched and searched some more for an exceptional credit card deal that provides gas rebates with no strings attached. My credit score is excellent, so nothing would eliminate me from getting the best possible rates with the best possible rewards. The only thing is, nothing exists out there to warrant an endorsement. Itís really quite sad that credit card companies are making these grand offers only to find out that there are strings attached.

    Take for example AAA MBNA card. 5% cash rebate on gas purchases. Thatís pretty darned good! But, if you read the small print, your rebates are capped at 2% of your total purchasesÖso, if you just use it for gas, you get 2%, not the 5% advertised.

    Example #2: Blue Cash from American Express. This one is my favorite for scam of the year. You really have to be persistent to find this bit of information out. The offer is 5% cash back on gas purchases. Once again, thatís good, however, after much digging around I found out that in order to get the full 5% rebate your year to date purchases must total more than $6,500.00. You get only 1% cash back on purchases until you have reached $6,500.01. Cute huh?

    Example #3: Chase Perfect Card. I was really close to closing the deal on this one. I told my wife, ďI found it!! This is the one!Ē It really sounds greatÖ6% rebates on all gas purchased at any gas station for the first 90 days, 3% after the first 90 days. Since I want this card for a 2-month trip it was perfect (so far). It also offers a 0% Introductory APR on purchases. But, when you read the fine print you found this bit of information out:
    ďThe maximum rebate you can earn for gas purchases on a monthly statement is $15.Ē
    Iím easily going to spend $500 in a month on gas during my trip, so that 6% savings is not going to apply to me because the most I can get back is $15 per month. That cuts 6% down to 3% rebate. (Honestly, 3% is about the best you can do unless you get a gas station specific card.)

    Iíll only bore you with one more example: Iím leaning heavily on this one, but have still not made a decision. The Citi Driverís Edge Platinum Select Card offers 6% rebate on supermarkets, drugstores, and gas purchases for 12 months. The rebate drops to 3% after the introductory period. The sweet part of this is you get 1 point for every 100 miles you drive. These points can be used to make purchases through their ďThank You NetworkĒ. Iíve looked through it, there are tons of things to get, and the most useful to me are gas station cash/gift cards. The cash rebates must be used for the purchase or lease of a new or used vehicle within 5 years, or you can use the rebates to have maintenance, service, or repairs performed on your current vehicle. Other than that, you can transfer your rebate dollars into rebate points and use those in conjunction with the points received from the miles driven to acquire gas station gift/cash cards or other items. Drawback is, unlike most of the other cards, this card does not offer an introductory 0% APR on purchases. As a matter of fact the APR is a rather steep 13.74%. Now, if you are extremely diligent and responsible, that 13.74% will never come into play, however, fail to pay your balance in full just one month and BAM! Kiss the 6% rebate and all the points you accumulated goodbye, you are now in the red with Citiís Driverís Edge card.

    So in summary, I really donít know which way I will go yet. We arenít leaving until the 2nd week of June, so I still have time to do more research and hope something comes along that will fit what I want perfectly. Until that time though, I canít recommend any of the cards above, nor anything that I left out, such as Discover. I promise not to give up, with the price of gasoline skyrocketing the way it is, any savings will help. Even 3% will make a difference of $.09/gallon if prices go up to $3.00/gallon. If anyone is interested I used the following links for most of my research: (This is an excellent article, the problem is itís dated June 2004!)

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    Default Gas Cards?

    Have you thought of perhaps getting a gas card, or a credit card through a petroleum company? Conoco-Philips66-Unocal76 has a program that offers 3% cash back on all station purchases at any of their petroleum subsidiaries (Conoco, Phillips 66, Unocal 76).

    You can probably find similar deals with Exxon-Mobil, Cheveron/Texaco, BP, etc. Just a thought.

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    Seems as though credit cards are very different in the States compared to here in Australia.

    There aren't any credit cards I've ever seen here which give you these "5% cash backs" on certain purchases. The most popular schemes here are the reward point programs. With my credit card I also get a 5-25% discount at a few select retailers.

    When I'm using my card in the USA and Europe I have to pay an extra 1.5% fee on the total amount of all transactions.

    Once I've completed my trip, I'd love to work out how much money I spent in fees etc.

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