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    Been searching all over the internet for trip advice and this site looks great! Husband and I are heading west on June 24th for 8 days and not sure where to go! What to do and what to see between Ohio (starting point) and Oklahoma, and then maybe go to North Dakota after Oklahoma. Want to see Native American anything, rock formations, like to make stops for different and unusual things. First long RV trip and hate to just head that way and not know what to look for or where to go!!! Any advice is good - thanks!!!

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    Well, certainly Oklahoma, known officially as Indian Territory only a hundred years ago, will have several native American tribes, museums, rodeos, etc. I think your best bet would be to check the official state tourism website and use their search tool. But even before you get there, if you stay a little bit south of the direct route between Ohio an Oklahoma and come down through Kentucky and Arkansas, you can see some natural bridges, caves, and even a diamond mine.

    Heading north from Oklahoma, if you stay on the western, high plains side of Kansas and Nebraska, you can see old west towns like Dodge City, some of the last remaining tall grass prairie, and parts of the old Oregon Trail along the Platte River. In western South Dakota, there are any number of great attractions and in western North Dakota, the highlight would be Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

    That should at least get you started.


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    Going from Cincinnati area to Miami, Oklahoma next week. Looks like we take 70 west until St. Louis and then 44 to Miami, OK. Need to see something along the way and have been unable to come up with anything interesting that isn't too far off the beaten path. Any suggestions on what to see along the way? Pulling a 24ft camper. We figure on staying over Thursday night somewhere and getting to Miami on Friday afternoon. Thanks for any suggestions!
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    While it's true that there are no sites along your route that would make most people's bucket lists, that does not mean that there's nothing to see or do. I assume you'll be taking I-71/I-64/I-44 through Louisville and St. Louis. Since your drive is only going to be two days, you'll only need a few good stops to break up the journey. In Indiana, the emphasis would be on historical sites with the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial in Lincoln City and Historic New Harmony. In St. Louis, the major attractions are the Arch and the Museum of Western Expansion directly beneath it, but with your rig, it might be easier and more appropriate to see theMuseum of Transportation southwest of town. Finally as you roll across southern Missouri, you will be passing by a number of limestone caves including Meremac, Onyx Mountain, Fantastic,


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    My mapping program shows about a 15 minute difference between going through Indy or Louisville, so go whichever way holds more attractions for you. The whole run is 670 miles, which is a very easy 2 day drive. I'd probably spend the night somewhere outside of St. Louis. Perhaps you could set your camper up here.

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