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    This June my husband, daughter and I are driving to Ohio to visit my family. My husband hasn't seen much of he country and i would really like to show him how beautiful this country really is. I have driven from Ohio to Utah and Utah to Ohio 5 times and all I have seen is I-80 and I know this route really is not the most fun I have just taken it because it seems to be the fastest. But this time around we have about a week and I would love to take the trip in 4-5 hour drive times per day and see some of the more scenic places in the USA. I am having a hard time finding the best way to go. If anyone has any suggestions I would really apperciate it. I want this to be a family vacation that we will always remember.

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    Just for a change of pace, since there's nothing intrinsically wrong with I-80, you can start out by heading to Vernal and a visit to Dinosaur National Monument, and then across Colorado on US-40 and US-34 to Rocky Mountain National Park before picking up I-70 at Denver for the drive across the plains to Kansas City and St. Louis, Indianapolis and Columbus. There are plenty of scenic stops along the Interstates that would make great places to sample the smaller sale beauties of America.

    Just a word of caution, however. You may be being a bit optimistic to think that you can cover all that distance in just 7 days of 4-5 hours driving a day. 6-7 hours a day in the car is probably more like it, but still, if you break that up into two shifts and take a long break to see something near mid-day, it shouldn't be too bad.


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