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  1. Default We've got the time - just no clue where to go!

    My fiance and I are both have a week off of work and we've decided to go on a road trip! We are starting in Lake Tahoe on Sunday June 28 and we need to be back home on July 3rd (Home is Sonoma County -45 north of San Francisco - which IMHO if you're headed to wine country, skip Napa and go to Sonoma!)

    We have debated several routes - heading north to Portland, or east to Salt Lake. We haven't really discussed going south but its an option.

    Anyone have any recommendations on any cool places to visit or maybe a route that would be fun? Skip Yosemite because we're headed there in August.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Well, I've done the Portland -> San Francisco drive many times (as part of my Seattle -> LA trips), and while it's cool enough country, I'd totally have to sell the Tahoe to Salt Lake, up-the-backroads right now. I havent done it yet, but from all the reading and planning I've done - wide open roads, no crowds, no traffic, vast panaramic vistas, lots of sights to see - it looks to be a real winner.

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    Default The Sierra Transit Routes

    Quote Originally Posted by jzcow View Post
    My fiance and I are both have a week off of work and we've decided to go on a road trip! We are starting in Lake Tahoe on Sunday June 28
    Early summer in the Sierras is about as close to heaven as you can find. You can do this route in a long day (I've done it) -- but I'd recommend two or more days and enjoy the back country and the Sierra front range.

    From Lake Tahoe take CA-89 over Echo Summit and Luther Pass to CA-88 and head west on CA-88 over Carson Pass. Awesome views in the some of side roads around the lakes up by Kirkwood. In fact, prices are lower right now in Kirkwood and you could kick-back and enjoy the area.

    But proceeding.... CA-88 all the way west to Jackson and then go south on CA-49 to Angels Camp (Angles Camp is another fun place to explore). Turn east on CA-4 for the one of the most spectacular mountain drives in the west....Stay on CA-4 to Ebbets Pass. At the summit there is a lake with island on it that is magical -- don't skip this!

    The drive down CA-4 from Ebbets Pass is a bit of an "E-Ticket-Ride" but fun. Another fun place to stay in the Markleville Hot Springs area. Then head further east on CA-89 accross Monitor Pass and zoom (carefully) down the slopes to US-395. June Lakes, Mammoth Lakes and Bishop are all fun this time of year, with special events.

    Oregon and Utah are both fun places to head -- but you are so close to the Sierras (starting from Tahoe) you might just consider making some of these loops. It's what i would do if I had the time.


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    Default Another option

    I like Mark's suggestion; but in order to complicate your life, here's another option:

    Do a loop up to southern Oregon.

    Insert breaks and sightseeing as your tastes dictate; sighteseeing suggestions inserted:

    Assuming an early start in South Lake Tahoe on 6/28 (and an end in Santa Rosa), negotiate your way to Truckee, and pick up 89 north, follow it all the way to I5 between Dunsmuir and Weed.
    . Lassen Volcanic National Park, Burney Falls State Park

    Lake in Lassen National Park; photo: Don Casey

    I'd suggest a stop here, in the Weed/Shasta/Dunsmuir area. (6/28)

    Follow I5 to Ashland/Medford/Grants Pass. Spend 2 nights here (to 6/30). Total distance to this point, 400 miles.
    . Side trip to Crater Lake (full day), Plays at Oregon Shakespeare festival in Ashland, Jet boats on the Rogue in Grants Pass, gold rush town of Jacksonville, Harry and David's mother store in Medford, Rogue Creamery (best blue cheese on the west coast) in Central Point, working water wheel grain mill in Eagle Point

    Jet boat on the Rogue (Gold Beach end); photo: Don Casey

    Take 199 south to 101, spend next night in Eureka or (better) Ferndale in a victorian B&B. About 250 miles. (7/1)
    . Oregon Caves (figure 4 hours minimum if you do this), National and State redwood parks.

    Drive home (200 miles on 101, 240 miles if you cut over and ride 1 down to 128 then come through the Anderson Valley back to 101 in Cloverdale).
    . On the CA1 loop: Mendocino, Boonville, Anderson Valley wineries.

    This gets you home on 7/2... you have another day, so if you think this is something along the lines of what you want to do, you can look at where you want to spend some time and adjust the stops accordingly. My first suggestion is add a night in Ashland (or vicinity); take two easy days to get there and two easy days back.
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  5. Default Thanks!

    Thank you for the suggestions!

    We are still debating what to do; Road trip or stay in Tahoe.
    We have the opportunity to stay in Tahoe for free until July 1 in a house on the keys but I really don't want to stay in Tahoe - I go up so often that its not "exciting" like a road trip would be. But how can you beat a free place to stay?
    oh decisions...

    I love all the suggestions so far - and I've read a few other threads as well. There are a lot of great ideas here!

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