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    Default 48 States in 10 Days / Geography 101

    This is how this starts. I read a story about someone's ride and I think that's crazy!!!
    Then I find myself saying "I wonder if I could do that", then it starts............
    This is the story of my attempt to ride to all 48 states in less than 10 days.
    I would be doing this ride on a 2004 Victory Vegas. The equipment on the bike would include
    two GPS's ( one for back-up ) a map tank bag with 3 maps and a Schwinn water bottle.
    I would also be bringing a spare drive belt, clutch cable, spark plugs and an oil filter,
    two jackets, five pairs of gloves and a rain suit.
    I was downloading some road trip music at ITunes for the trip when I came across this song.
    I didn't download it, I didn't have to. During the trip I kept hearing it in my head over and over.
    I think it helped me. I downloaded it when I got home.

    The bike-

    The first thing that I would need to do is plan a route that would hit all lower 48 states
    and do it in as few a miles as possible. To do this I used the MapSource program that
    came with my Garmin 2720 GPS. This route would start just south of Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    and end in Breckenridge, Minnesota. Planning this map would take weeks.
    I would not be using the route in the GPS instead I would download 26 way points to the GPS
    that I would use to steer myself around the country.

    The map-

    The numbers on the map are Go-To points on the GPS-

    I am going to have this ride certified by the Iron Butt Association so I will need to follow their
    rules for this ride. My first gas receipt would be my first state and my start time, my last gas
    receipt would be my end time. I would need a gas receipt for all 48 states plus I would need
    to save all my receipts ( food, motels) for the ride so that the IBA can see my route.
    I started this ride on Thursday, August 7th at 8:15 pm. I started this ride at 8:15 pm because
    my start time would be my end time 10 days later, and my goal would be to do the needed
    800 + miles before 8:15 pm each day. The MapSource program showed that this ride would
    be 8000 miles, so I would need to average over 800 miles each day for the next 10 days.
    I started at a gas station in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. I am going to head east first so that I can
    do the east coast over the weekend, hopefully there will be less traffic.
    I am also going to try to stay on central time as much as I can.
    I get my first gas receipt, check the numbers and head for Illinois. When I get my first receipt
    in Illinois the receipt is bad, it doesn't show the city or state so I ride one block to the next gas
    station and try again. This receipt is good. The ride continues. Receipts would continue to be
    a problem along the east coast. I would be waiting for the receipt and it would say see attendant
    or it would say printing receipt and nothing would come out. More time wasted.

    Sturgis Michigan-

    The rain started in Ohio, it would rain on and off until Vermont.

    Putting on the rain suit in Ohio-

    When I reached the end of Ohio I stopped at a truck stop, I was getting tired so I went inside to
    get a coffee and to walk around a little. I didn't know I would be staying here for a while.
    I sat on the side of a padded bench, laid back (just to rest) and fell a sleep. I sleep for about an
    hour and a half, I felt good and it was time to go.
    When I went back outside everything was wet, it had rained again. I least I missed the rain this
    time. I was able to make it to Vermont the first day.
    The weather forecast doesn't look good but I wouldn't have any more rain until Florida.

    Pictures in Vermont-

    Day one.
    New York
    End - Bennington, Vermont.
    Total miles for day one - 942. A good start.
    .................................................. .....

    The next morning in Vermont it's 52 degrees with heavy fog. It would be a slow start.
    I pick up a newspaper in Maine, I'm going to buy one in each of the four corners to
    show what day I was there.

    Day two would be a long day. Traffic and a lot of toll roads-

    I stopped in Maryland, I bring a lot of stuff!

    Day two
    Start in Bennington, Vermont.
    New Hampshire
    Rhode Island
    New York (again)
    New Jersey
    End - Hagerstown, Maryland
    Total miles for day two - 716. Way below the needed 800 miles.
    .................................................. .............

    After Maryland it was on to Florida.
    There was a lot of traffic due to construction in Atlanta and it was hot.


    A peach! (I think it's a peach)

    I had used the internet to find this gas stop in Florida. The gas station was just over the Florida
    border but when I got there it was closed for repair.

    I was in Maine Saturday morning and in Florida by Sunday night. I had done the east coast in
    good time but I was worn-out. I was dehydrated and I hadn't eaten much. I was tired and sore and
    I really didn't think I could do another seven days. It this point I am deciding if I should continue.


    Day three
    Start in Hagerstown, Maryland
    West Virginia
    North Carolina
    South Carolina
    End in Atmore, Alabama
    Made it to Florida but the gas station was closed.
    Total miles for day three - 938
    .................................................. ............

    The morning of day four I feel better and decide to try to make it to all 48 states even if I don't
    make it in 10 days. First I need a gas receipt in Florida and then on to Mississippi.
    It's another 14 miles to the gas station in Florida and then another 14 miles back to where I am.
    ( more delays ) Before I leave Florida it starts to rain, time for the rain suit. It would rain
    ( pouring rain at times ) for 300 miles. The rain stops in central Mississippi and after that
    everything goes well.
    Good weather, no traffic, no tolls,and no more problems with gas receipts. Now the ride is fun!

    Florida rain-

    On to Kentucky-

    Sunset in Kentucky-

    Riding into the sunset-

    The days receipts-

    Day four.
    Start in Atmore, Alabama
    End in Sikeston, Missouri
    Total miles for day four - 819
    .................................................. .............



    Route 66 - Midway Point-

    Now what's the hold-up???

    Hot Truck-

    Day five
    Start in Sikeston, Missouri
    End in Tucumcari, New Mexico
    Total miles for day five - 902
    .................................................. .........

    Day six - it's time for an oil change. I stop at a dealer in Flagstaff but they say that they are busy
    and they could do it in a little over an hour.
    I need to average 60 mph every day so every minute I stop I loose a mile. I can't wait.
    I have tools with so I buy oil and ask if I can use a drain pan and I change the oil myself in their
    parking lot.


    Oil change-

    I will get up at 4:30 am ( central ) everyday and try to be on the road by 5:30 am. At 5:30 am in
    New Mexico it is 55 degrees. I can't believe how cold it has been on this trip. It is August it's
    suppose to be hot!!!
    I make to Needles, California that afternoon and it's 111 degrees. Careful what you wish for.


    I rested in Needles for a couple of hours and then continue on to Las Vegas.
    I make it to Las Vegas at 9:30 pm (central) I can't wait to get some sleep, I have been up since
    4:30 am. As I am trying to fall asleep at 10:30 pm (my time, central) I realize that it's only 8:30 pm in Vegas.
    I'm in Vegas, it's 8:30 pm and I'm falling asleep. That's just not right!!

    Riding to Vegas-

    Vegas in Vegas-

    Sun setting in Vegas-

    Vegas race track-

    Day six
    Start in Tucumcari, New Mexico
    End in Las Vegas, Nevada.
    Total miles for day six - 839
    .................................................. ....
    Leaving Las Vegas. 5:30 am my time (central) 3:30 am Vegas time.

    And then it's on to Utah


    And then Oregon and Washington.


    After Washington it's back across Idaho.

    Day seven
    Start in Las Vegas, Nevada
    End in Riggins, Idaho
    Total miles for day seven - 926
    .................................................. .........

    The next day there would be 300 miles of twisting mountain roads to start the day.
    I'm on hwy. 12 in Idaho when I see a moose crossing sign. I start laughing until I see a moose
    walking along the side of the road. I don't have time to get my digital camera so I use the
    disposable camera that I have in my tank bag.
    Day eight was a long day. I was setting the alarm for 4:30 am central time and because of the time
    zone change and my math skills I was up at 3:30 am central and on the road at 4:30 am I didn't
    know that it was that early until I was leaving the parking lot and one of the parking lot lights lit
    up my clock on the bike. Per the GPS I rode 975 miles that day. Long day!!!


    99 miles. Total of 450 miles of two lane twisting mountain roads in Idaho-

    Ridding through Idaho-

    The Mountains-

    On to Casper, WY-

    GPS - Day eight-

    Day eight
    Start in Riggins, Idaho
    End in Casper, Wyoming
    Total miles for day eight - 968
    .................................................. ........

    When I left Casper, Wyoming it was 50 degrees and raining. It was a cold ride to Colorado.
    I make it to South Dakota and stay at another inexpensive motel.

    51 degrees-


    Pony Express-

    Bikers Welcome, South Dakota-

    Day nine
    Start in Casper, Wyoming
    End in Elk Point, South Dakota
    Total miles for day nine - 809
    .................................................. ...........

    Day ten - I only have 268 miles to go and I have until 8:15 pm to make it. I still need a gas
    receipt for North Dakota and then on to Breckenridge, Minnesota.
    I made it to Minnesota by 10:37 am.
    I had made it in less than 10 days. I had made it in 9 days and 14.5 hours. 9.5 hours to spare.

    North Dakota-


    The last gas receipt, the 48th state.

    Final 48-10 mileage - 8199.7

    After I get my last receipt I need to find two witnesses. I had planned to go to a bank and have
    a notary sign my form. I went to three closed banks before I remembered that I was Sunday.
    I found one witness but I still needed another. I was riding to the hospital to see if they would sign
    my form and I was passing a church and the congregation is just leaving. Perfect. What could be
    better than a minister for a witness. I go inside and show the Pastor (David) the map, and tell him the
    story of the ride. We would talk for along time and he agrees to sign my witness form.
    We talk for a while after he signs and then...............he asks me if I would like to go to a picnic.
    He said that they were going to the park after the service for a picnic, and asks if I would like to go.
    This is great, I haven't eaten and I haven't had any real food for 10 days.
    What a great way to end the day. The food was great and it gave me a chance to meet and talk
    to a lot of people.

    Day ten
    Start in Elk Point, South Dakota
    North Dakota
    End in Breckenridge, Minnesota
    Total miles for day 10 - 268
    .................................................. .....

    After the picnic it was another 550 miles to get home.

    I stayed in Black River Falls, Wisconsin that night.

    After the Falls it was only 200 miles to get home. I made back to Wisconsin on Monday, August 18th.

    Total miles for the trip per the bike speed-o was 8681.
    The first three days were hard and then the ride became fun. Every day was easier, it seemed like
    I could ride farther every day.
    Fun trip and I learned a lot. (I know where all the states are again) and met a lot of people.
    I can't wait to go again!
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    Default My hat is off...

    Good Lord.

    I am still reeling on how you could travel so many miles (700-1000) in one day, much less day after day after day. I know the goal was to touch every state in the least amount of time, but man I can't imagine spending that many hours on the road each day. Especially on a bike. Oh yes, and every mile of it done by yourself!!

    As someone who has also done all 48 states in one trip (in a slightly less-insane 27.5 days) I highly congratulate you on this feat. I definitely know that feeling of uncertainty that you may not make your goal in the time you've allowed yourself, but it sounds like you're a guy of sheer determination, and I'm sure we share the same feeling of satisfaction having achieved the goal we set ourselves out to do.

    Excellent pics and documentation as well. I didn't even think to get a signed and notarized form witnessing my 48-state trip, but then I have my 2 buddies who went with me so I guess it really wasn't necessary.

    Once again, congrats. Hopefully you've gotten a feel of where you'd like to spend time in this great scenic country of ours.

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    Default Great Report and Photos

    Just making that long a post and not losing your mind in the process is impressive!

    48 states in 10 days! Pretty darn amazing!

    Thanks for the epic tale.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Sedenquist View Post
    Just making that long a post and not losing your mind in the process is impressive!

    48 states in 10 days! Pretty darn amazing!

    Thanks for the epic tale.

    Thanks Mark! It was an adventure.
    I have been very lucky on these trips, a few close calls, but no major problems.
    Very, very lucky.

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    Default Incredible achievement !

    Hey Rollin'
    I agree with the others wholeheartedly, a fantastic effort and great achievement, thanks for the report and sharing it with us.

    Being from the U.K, it was one of my childhood dreams [and many other kids too] to ride around the states on a cool bike,although that dream was to ride for a few months not a few days, lol!

    Great stuff my man and I'm full of admiration for what you achieved.

    Maybe one day........ ;-)

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    Thanks Dave!
    It's never to late. My dad just stopped riding this year. He's 81!!
    I rode with him on Father's Day. That was his last ride.
    Last edited by Mark Sedenquist; 08-26-2008 at 12:03 AM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kinless View Post
    Good Lord.

    I am still reeling on how you could travel so many miles (700-1000) in one day, much less day after day after day. I know the goal was to touch every state in the least amount of time, but man I can't imagine spending that many hours on the road each day. Especially on a bike. Oh yes, and every mile of it done by yourself!!
    Thank you!
    This ride was a challenge. It took about three days to recover from this trip.
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  8. Default

    Awesome, Rollin'. Was this your first 48-state trip? Unbelievable that you did it on a bike, and in only 10 days. Unreal.

    I did it in 16 days (only driver, had my wife on for part of the trip) Info on my website.

    Great recap. liked the pics. Since I started keeping track of the counties I've been in (just under 1,500 right now), one area I'm curious is northern Idaho. i've been across I-90, but never in the nether-region between I-84 and I-90.

    Congrats, again.


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    Thanks Sykotyk!
    Yes this was my first 48-state trip.
    Northern Idaho was my favorite part of this trip.
    Last edited by Mark Sedenquist; 08-26-2008 at 12:01 AM.

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    Wow! This was a great field report. It looks like your ride was a lot of fun.

    I LOVE your picture of Vegas at night from a distance. It's on my list of things to see in person.

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