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  1. Default Three-day trips from Atlanta?

    I received some really helpful responses for my move from NYC to Atlanta earlier this month - the drive was lovely, we drove on Skyline drive and Blue Ridge Parkway most of the while and thoroughly enjoyed it!

    I am now looking for advice on scenic trips to make from and to Atlanta over 3-4 days. We enjoy natural beauty, national parks, wildlife and would really appreciate tips on where to go around Atlanta.

    I have already planned out a trip to the Smoky Mountain NP so any other ideas would be awesome!

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    Default just off the top of my head

    Over a long weekend, you'd have tons of options throughout the south. A few that I would think about, you could head over to Memphis and tour some of the Mississippi River, you could take a trip down the scenic Natchez Trace, You'd also have lots of coastal options, both along the Atlantic and the Gulf, and it may be a bit far for 3 days, but even the Everglades could potentially be in the mix.

    I'd also check out some of the articles from Peter Thody's recent travels through the South.

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