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    Default L.A. to Boston

    Dear group,

    I'm thinking of driving from L.A. to Boston around thanksgiving for relocation as well as a road trip. I need to get to Boston by Dec. 2nd, but better by Nov. 30th. The longest drive I had was a one day drive from L.A. to Bryce Canyon.

    My planned stops include Rocky mountain Natl Park, Chicago, and Buffalo. And the ideal duration would be around 10 days.
    I would like to hear all your suggestions, trip plans, tips/cautions, etc. The most important issue I think is whether the road is still clean in late November and what's a reasonable estimate of driving from Chicago to Boston.

    Drop me a line if you are interested in joining me.
    I'm an asian male, 25. I will cover the gas and part of your hotel stay, but you pay for your returning trip.


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    Default Sounds Good

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    We wish you the best in finding someone to join you on your journey. I t should help that you have laid out in detail what your plans are and what you're have to offer a potential companion. Ten days is more than enough time to make the trip, so you should be able to have a great time exploring things along the way. In late November, you should be able to make the trip with minimal chances (but not NO possibility) of bad weather. Again, you have enough time to sit out a storm if you need to. Given how much time you have, I'd leave two days for the segment between Chicago and Boston, especially if you want to see anything along that way.

    Good Luck


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    Thanks for the information and post here.
    As a first time tripper I tend take the shortest (possibly tedious) route:
    CA (Los Angeles) -> NV -> UT -> CO -> NE -> IO -> IL (Chicago)
    IL (Chicago) ->MA on I-90

    But the route is flexible, and I would like to hear your suggestions.
    Is I-90 free of snow in late November?


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