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    I'm from the UK and hopefully want to plan a road trip from toronto to calgary across the top of the states. However, all the car rental companies I have checked have huge one way drop fees. Does anyone know of any that don't? I have also heard of something where people who are perhaps relocating want someone to drive their cars long distances, does anyone know anything about this? and any websites advertising this?
    Finally I have researched some places of interest along the way although some with a slight detour such as Yellowstone and Blackhills, does any one have any good suggestions of must sees thats on route or not too far off route?

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums! were that easy! Perhaps second only to requests for information on the southwestern U.S., this is one of the most asked questions: How do I get around paying for what I want to do? How do I not pay drop-off fees? How do I sleep overnight for free? How do I get someone else to pay for my trip? The fact is that if there were companies that did not charge the one way fee, they'd soon have all the business and they'd shortly thereafter be out of business. It is going to cost your rental car company around $300 just in gas to return the car to Toronto, plus the cost of someone to drive it. It's those costs that they are trying to recover with the fee. Similarly, driveaway companies are in business. They contract with people to deliver there cars to a specific city on a specific date and then find people willing to make that drive. It does not work the other way where you walk in and get a car going from where you want to where you want at your pace. In fact, the pace required usually leaves no time for sight seeing. Again they are in business. The best advice I can offer you is to try to work through a broker or agent in the UK to arrange a rental. They can often find you a better deal than what you can dig up on your own directly from North American companies.

    If you manage to sort out your rental car, then a couple of good resources for seeing what's generally on your way would be this list of things to do in each state and province, and this list of relaxing stops along the major highways.


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    Thanks for the info.
    Looks like a flight and an exceptional pair of binoculars then.

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