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    I will be making a road trip from Columbia, SC to Los Angeles in 2 weeks time. I have plenty of time for the trip and want to make it a fun one.

    I want to stop several places (5-6) in between for 2-3 days to see the place. These are not decided and would like your suggestions for these.

    Accordingly, I can either take I-40 W, I-20 W or I-10 W and would like to know your suggestions for this with respect to safety and road conditions.

    I have only lived on the east coast and have never been to any of these places/routes ever.

    Hope to get some useful tips. Thanks for your help.

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    Default find your foundation

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    This is a great place to get information to help you plan your trip, but ultimately, the foundation has to come from the person making the trip. When you're dealing with a cross country trip, there are just too many great possiblities to list off a handful that would be best for you.

    Certainly, any of the routes you've listed will work just fine, but since this is a trip about exploration, figure out what it is that you want to see. Find at least the major stops that you think you'd like, because without that and without knowing your interests, we'd really just be throwing darts without much of a target.

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