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    A friend and I are planning a a short Montana/Wyoming Road Trip -- five days, flying into Montana and out of Wyoming. Obviously, we will hit Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Cody. Would love any recommendations for particular routes, must see stops, restaurants, places to stay, etc. Thank you!

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    Default pretty full already

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    With 5 days, you've already got a pretty full itinerary. You might consider adding Glacier, but you especially if your five days includes flights on your first and fifth days, that's probably going to be too much. The other details really depend upon your own interests, so its not really possible to give one sized fits all recommendations.

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    Default Big Sky Country

    Hello drestriano,
    Montana is a big state, as Wyoming, for that matter.

    Have your plans gotten as far as deciding on where in MT to fly into, and where in WY to fly out of?

    It occurs to me it's possible to enjoy MT and WY on a "big loop" flying in and out of the same airport. Exactly where that would be depends on the kind of places and things you prefer to see. Some feedback from you on that topic would help those providing ideas for your consideration.


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    The loop will save you on car rental costs too - no dropoff fee.

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