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  1. Default Fish Camp to Vegas in October - advice please!

    Hello, have been having a look through the forums on this site and it seems very useful, but I don't seem to have found exactly what I need, wondering if anyone can help. My partner and I are staying in Fish Camp just outside Yosemite for 2 days then travelling down to Vegas on 6 October. At the moment I haven't booked anywhere in Vegas because I'm not sure we can do the drive in one day. Questions are:
    - I looked on the post that had the opening and closing dates for highway 120 since 1980, and was pleased to see the earliest it's closed was October 17th, so I'm fairly hopeful it'll be open on October 6th - any comments from locals/experts?
    - If 120 is open, can anyone suggest the fastest routes with and without going through Death Valley? We can take one night out to stay somewhere if necessary, but we'd prefer not to so we have an extra day in Vegas and can then go to the Grand Canyon. Do you think one day is do-able?
    - If 120 isn't open on October 6th, will Sonora 'definitely' be open? I read on another post it tends to stay open longer.

    Also, a less driving related question - how cold is it likely to be in Yosemite in early October, and how hot in Death Valley?

    Thanks so much if you're able to offer any advice, this site is great! :)

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    You should be good with Tioga Pass. As you mentioned, you are going almost 2 weeks earlier than the earliest close on record. Anything is possible with nature, but you really should be fine.

    I will note, however, your fastest route will not be to go over Tioga Pass, it would actually be to drive south to Bakersfield and then over to Vegas. You can pretty easily make this drive in a day (about 8 hours).

    You can make the trip from Yosemite to Vegas in a day via Tioga, although it would a fairly long day. There are a couple of different options, but going through Death Valley is not much longer than the shortest possible route.

    Temperatures should be pretty comfortable during the day, and pretty cool at night in both Yosemite and Death Valley during early october.

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