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    Default Philadelphia to Montreal & Quebec City via Vermont

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here on the forums. I'm heading on a trip for 6 days and 5 nights during a week I have off in June. I was hoping that some of you would have places to see along the way and of course good recommendations for food as well!

    Here is the planned route so far:
    START - Philadephia, PA
    1. Lake George, NY
    2. Lake Placid, NY - Stay the night here and visit the winter olympic museum
    3. Saranac Lake, NY - I heard they have a nice downtown
    4. Plattsburgh, NY
    5. Alburg, VT - Fill up with cheaper gas than NY or Canada before crossing the border
    6. Montreal, QC - Stay here the night and see all the sights
    7. Quebec, QC - Stay here the night and see all the sights
    8. Burlington, VT - Stay here the night
    9. Waterbury, VT - Ben and Jerry's Factory
    10. Stowe, VT - Maybe find a mountain to hike?
    11. Montpelier, VT - Visit the smallest capital in the US
    12. Rutland, VT
    13. Bennington, VT - Nice downtown?
    14. Latham, NY - Hotel for the night
    15. Albany, NY - Visit another capital before going home
    END - Philadelphia, PA - Home to rest!

    Does anyone have anything they could share on the areas I will be passing through or areas nearby? Thanks in advance!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forums!

    You'll be traveling through one of my favorite regions of the two countries, so let me just list some of my favorite attractions in that area and you can see if any appeal to you. On your way north, you'll be going through what used to be the western frontier of the U.S. so take in some history at some of the famous forts through there such as Ticonderoga, Fort George, or Crown Point. In Québec, a carriage ride through the old city is probably in order. Just south of Burlington is Shelburne Farms. Also look into taking a ferry ride (without car) across to New York and back to enjoy some time on the lake. If you're going to Ben and Jerry's, and are a fan of the Sound of Music, the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe is a very relaxing place to wander and the Baron and Maria are buried on site. In southern Vermont, Calvin Coolidge's home town has been preserved virtually intact in Plymouth. That's already more than you can probably fit into 6 days but should give you some ideas.


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