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  1. Default Montreal to Quebec and New Brunswick

    Hi everyone!

    My friend and I are planning to go on a roadtrip this summer to Quebec and/or New Brunswick (most likely both). We'll be leaving from Montreal and we would like to do it in one week, one week and a half, although we could extend it to max 2 weeks if necessary.

    Basically what we want is just to have fun and visit beautiful places, with beautiful scenery and maybe some historic places, too. It will be our first roadtrip for both of us, so we don't really now where to go. We'll have a car that we will take turn driving, so we were thinking of going to Quebec and then moving up to New Brunswick and visiting places on the way. We're not really campers, so we would be lodging in motels, the car sometimes (do you have any other suggestions?? ), etc. We have a low-end budget and just want to admire nature and landscapes.

    Do you guys have any ideas as to where to sleep, where to go, what places to visit? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much,

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    Default Quebec City, etc.

    Hi Valerie and welcome to the RTA forums!

    Here's a thread that might help you getting started about the various attractions in Quebec City, NB and other places along the way. Like Montreal, Quebec is a "festival city" so browse the internet to find out which festivals will take place during your stay. Although slightly cheaper than in Montreal, lodging is still pretty costy in Quebec City. I suggest you call the student lodging service at Laval University to inquire about cheap room for travelers. Another option would be to look for a Bed & Breakfast in the suburbs (try the northern part of the City (Charlesbourg, Stoneham, Lac St-Charles).

    On your way to New Brunswick, you'll be able to find cheap rooms at most bed & breakfasts (motels and hotels are typically cheaper). A friend of mine owns the "Chez Choinière" B&B in St-Simon (east of Trois-Pistoles), he is a charming character, he has the best coffee around, the best blueberry pancakes and the best of all : he offers cheap and clean rooms and each one has an old-fashioned bathtub where you can enjoy a long healing bubble bath. He also has a piece of land on the waterfront where you can make a picnic, build a bonfire, get a relaxing massage in a yurt right next to the river (his gf is a professional massage therapist), fishing, canoeing, etc. Grab a copy of all the regional brochures at any tourist information bureau or rest area and browse the bed and breakfast section. Since you don't like camping, I truly believe b&b's are your best bet (usually between 40-60$/night). Sleeping in the car can be trickier as you don't know the area very well, but I'm sure you can manage to find some places if you ask around (truckers are often a great source of information for places to sleep).


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    And here are some of my blog posts pertaining to the above link which hopefull you may find helpful?

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    Wow thanks guys, that's really helpful! I had no idea b&b were so cheap, it really makes the lodging part less of a worry. I'll look around for festivities and other such attractions.

    Thanks again!

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    I went to New Brunswick several years ago. Hopewell Rocks is an amazing place that I would highly recommend. You need to see it at low tide in order to be able to walk on the beach and see the formations up close. It was an inexpensive way to spend the day, and the scenery was unbelievable! See for yourself at

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    Wow I looked at the Hopewell Rocks website and it's awesome! I never even knew this place existed and it seems so beautiful! It is definitely helping to tip the balance towards going to NB...

    Thanks! :)

  7. Default Money issues....

    So me and my friend are starting more and more to plan this roadtrip. However, we kind of came to a halt with money issues. I had planned to put aside a lot less money for this roadtrip then my friend thinks it will cost us, which is slightly worrying me.

    Say me are to leave for one week, max one week and a half, would anyone be able to give me a very loose estimate of how much it could cost for each of us?? I know it is probably hard to do but I have no idea how to guess... So we won't have to pay for a car because we'll have one. We'll have to split the gas, the food and the motel/B&B. We could also occasionally sleep in the car I guess.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thx! :S

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    Default $100 per person per day

    USD $100 per person per day is what I use for a rule of thumb. You can do it for less, but that's generally what it costs me.

    Here are a bunch of tips for reducing the costs of your travel --

    And, reading between the lines.... I think it would be time well-spent if you both took this quiz and talked about the results -- I bet you both are thinking about a different scope of trip perchance?


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    That's probably a pretty accurate rule of thumb, so I will estimate the cost in function to it. And the quiz looks interesting and revealing; we will definitely do it and compare results.

    Thanks! :)

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    Hi Val30000, I'm originaly from Montreal, and have spent most of my life there, but am now living in south eastern New Brunswick and have been living on and off for the past 15 years.
    If you'd like to know anything specific about this province please dont be shy and ask away, many beautiful places to visit and from here it is 1000 kms to Blainville (Lived there for 5 years) and is done at an easy pace within 12 hours driving, here to Quebec City is 7 hours at a leisurly pace, I am near Moncton on the shore and accessible to many of the attractions, Fundy National Park, Fredericton ( Kings Landing) Shediac on the coast ( Lobster capital of the World) as well the lobster festival celebrated early July, 45 minute drive to the Nova Scotia border, 45 minute drive to the Conferderation Bridge ( to Prince Edward Island) And many many more attractions. Accomodations run from Hotel to B&B to rental of a cottage on the beach or within walking distance for not more then the cost of a motel, in the area of between $500 to a $1000 a week including linen, laundry facilities etc.

    If you'd like any more info please feel free to ask away .

    PS:.. Si vous etes francais tout le long de la cote le monde parles francais ici emplus de Moncton et Shediac, l'interieur de la province est anglophone.
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