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    Default Mustang convertible boot/trunk space!

    Hi chaps,

    Does anyone happen to know the feasibility of fitting 2 cases into the boot of a Mustang Convertible (2008 model I believe). We're doing a trip in September and trying to plan luggage! Obviously what we don't want is to have to leave a case on the back seat where it can be seen by tea leaves.

    Any advice appreciated.


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    Here is a thread on a Mustang forum that should help you. Note that if you are really pinched, you can get more in the trunk with the top up instead of down - when you park it, put the top up and move the bags from the back seat to the trunk. Soft luggage will be a lot easier to deal with due to the small opening, once it's in, there's room to move it around.

    I see that the picture of the convertible's trunk is not loading - but the only difference should be the space that the folded top takes up.

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    Brilliant, cheers for that. Soft cases are the way to go, they can be kicked into place :)

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