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    Default Convertible or sensible?

    Hi, my fella and I are taking a week long road trip in a loop north out of Vegas, through Zion, down to Page, then the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and finally Yucca, Arizona, before heading back to Vegas. We are setting off on August 2nd.
    This is my first road trip, but my fella has done a few in that region (over 10 years ago when he was in his late 20s), albeit September time.
    He says we really should go for the whole experience and rent a convertible, but a few people have expressed (quite valid) concerns about the high summer temperatures and how unwise it might be to do the trip in a ragtop.
    my fella's argument is that we can have the roof up and a/c on at peak heat times, and off early morning/daytime and towards the end of the day if necessary.
    can anyone offer any advice from their own experiences? i kind of love the convertible idea, but also don't want a massively exciting holiday experience spoiling because of associated sun/heat problems.

    thanks in advance of any wise words to come.

    oh btw, does anyone know how much luggage you can realistically get in a sebring convertible, and who best to rent with, convertible or not?

    thanks again!

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    Default I agree with your guy!

    2 years ago I did a trip through those areas. A couple of other folks and I caravanned down together with our own cars. One of them had a convertible. She would sometimes have the top down with no A/C on. Other times she would have the top down with A/C on. And other times she would have to raise the roof and have the A/C on. No biggee. And she sure had fun when she had the top down. I envied her that. Best of all worlds, I say. If you can afford to rent a convertible, I say GO FOR IT!

    If you check out this page at it should take you to their page on the Sebring. Note that one of the plusses of this vehicle is the large trunk and if you scroll down, there is a photo of the trunk packed with luggage. Click on it to enlarge it. It sure looks like it holds tons of luggage to me. I can't imagine that the two of you would need anymore room than that.

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    Default sold!

    Thank you so much. That really has helped. he's been telling me its called a convertible for a reason. i now really really can't wait.

    great site.
    thanks again


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    We made a couple of cross country trips in the 70's in a 1969 Camero convertible. Other than having no room in the trunk (didn't get to be a problem until we needed the back seat for kids) it was one of our best travel vehicles. If the sun gets to be too much, you can always put the top up, but with it down the view is great!

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