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    Has anyone ever tried them? Are they really worth the risk? Do they really help you stay awake for a speed run? I need to cover 1232 miles in 2 days or less. I was going to shoot for San Diego, Ca to Springdale, Ar in a day bur I realize that is just silly.

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    Default Not in my book.

    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A forums !

    I was going to shoot for San Diego, Ca to Springdale, Ar in a day bur I realize that is just silly.
    Good thinking !

    I need to cover 1232 miles in 2 days
    On my mapping program it is over 1500 miles between the two, Albuquerque being somewhere close to half distance.

    What you are talking about here is doing a "speed run" and you can get some real good tips here.

    I know nothing of Mini-Thins and it would seem that you don't either so personally I would stay well clear, how do you know how your body will react to them or how it might effect your concentration ? Read that link and when you need a break take it, if you are well rested prior to leaving a coffee, a cat nap and a run around the car park can work wonders.

    Have a safe journey !
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    Default chemical dangers

    I would not recommend using chemicals like ephedrine to stay awake during a roadtrip. Ignoring the potential health risks, there are some serious safety risks while using a product like this during a roadtrip. Specifically, while you may get a short term energy boost, it doesn't change how much sleep your body needs and your system will crash when the effects of the drug wear off. That's even true with caffeine to a lesser degree. There is also the danger that stimulants can make you feel more alert than you really are, and your driving skills can suffer as a result.

    If you are just doing a one day sprint, this isn't as big of an issue because when you are off the road you can start getting the rest you need. But when you are traveling a distance that requires multiple days on the road, you're just going to be cheating your body and is going to make it more difficult for to drive safely.

    Thankfully, by doing this trip in 2 days, you aren't going to be putting yourself in a position where you need to drive a rediculous number of hour.
    You are still looking at a couple of pretty long days, but its a level where you should be able to do it safely, without chemicals, by following the speed run advice that Dave linked to above.

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    Also remember that when you push your body to the limit one day, you're going to pay the price the next day. You might -- emphasis on might -- make this drive safely through chemical help, but the next day you're going to crash and end up sleeping all day; thus, you'll save no time in the long run.

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