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    Ok- so my friend and I were planning to go to vermont this summer for a mission trip- as a part of our graduation present, my mom has agreed to take us about a week and a half beforehand to 'leisurly' make our way up the coast-neither one of us have ever been north of washington DC and are very excited about this trip-
    my question is this: how do we maximize our trip with so little time? and what are the MAJOR things that we need to see?
    please help- we are going to start planning soon!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I've written several posts regarding the coastal route between North Carolina and New England and many more concerning travel in New England, so let me just point you to a few of those.

    Mid Atlantic Coast:
    The Coastal Route
    Surf and/or Turf
    Suggestions (East Coast Trip)

    New England:
    Quick Loop out of NYC
    Northern New England (several posts)
    and finally, an appropriate thread: New England with Mom!! with lots of links to other threads.

    Those should get you started.


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