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    Default first time road trip to Florida!

    Hi, We are planning a road trip to Florida with our 2 children for spring 2009 they are 9 and 15. I am a little worried that the drive will be "boring" and there will be a lot of whining! Are there any helpful hints or places we can stop along the way. I am driving from Appleton Wisconsin to Orlando. Any ideas would help alot! Thanks!

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    For starters, have a look at Chris Epting's excellent suggestions. My own experience with RoadTriping with my grandsons is quite similar, the main thing is to break the trip up into a number of shorter drives to interesting little stops. I try to stop somewhere every two to three hours. This trip could also be a perfect chance to make some of that 'boring' school work come to life with stops at historic sites and natural wonders such as Tippecanoe Battlefield, Mammoth Cave and any number of Civil War sites (I'd particularly recommend Andersonville). Oh, and the title of this reply is just my way of saying every state you'll be going through has interesting things to do. Put the kids to work finding those and get them invested in the trip.


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