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    Hi we are in the early stages of planning the above trip along the old US 80 taking our cue from the "Road Trip USA" book. Whilst it is very informative I would appreciate any info other users can give specifically:
    What would be the most comfortable time to travel avoiding the summer heat whilst catching the good weather(March??)
    Again the book is good but is there anything anyone has seen and would like to pass on as a worthwhile diversion on or near this route?
    Any good tips on accommodation on our journey?
    How much time would you recommend we take to cover the 3000 mile journey? We thought a month would crack it enabling us to detour if needed.
    Many thanks all! UKMike

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    Default detouring

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    First of all, a month should be more than enough time to do a trip like this. I'd probably look at the shoulder seasons of April-early June or Sept-October as having the best balance of not too hot not too cold, but you could see fine weather in March too.

    I guess the other piece of advice I'd recommend is to open your options up beyond an itinerary you find in a book. I've got nothing against any of the Roadtrip USA routes, and they can be a great starting point, but I don't think a good roadtrip comes from following a route in a book and hoping to find that experience. I think it comes from having the freedom to go where you want and finding your own adventures that you will only find while you are on the road.

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    UKMike, how did you get on with the trip? I am planning this exact same trip!! Coming from the UK, going to Coachella 2011 in Indio CA, April 15-17, then I want to drive to Savannah in about a week. I know this won't leave me a lot of tourist time, but I'll only have 2 weeks in America. Few days for the festival, few days in Savannah seing my friend, whatever's left in between for driving. The biggest stumbling block I've come up against so far is what I'm going to be driving and how I'm getting my hands on it. I can plan out the route pretty well, it's the logistics that I'm struggling with. Have you got an ideas I could work from??

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    d9dga - I've moved your questions to their own thread here.

    UKMike hasn't been active in more than a year, so it will just be easier to "start fresh" with your own thread.

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